How long after grades are post do award letters go out?

<p>I'm wondering how long does it generally take for continuing students to receive information on their aid for the upcoming year? It's been about three weeks since grades were posted and I still haven't heard anything.</p>

<p>I don't think there is a link between grades and award letters - unless maybe you have a GPA that you need to maintain for a scholarship.</p>

<p>Schools process incoming freshmen first...then the others.</p>

<p>It varies from school to school. I know kids who got their award letters on the presumption that they will qualify for their grade based scholarships. You have to ask your specific financial aid office. Even among schools that do wait until grades are released, the timing can vary greatly.</p>

<p>There is a note on the website that continuing students will receive award letters on a rolling basis after grades have been posted. I assumed that was typical of most schools, so maybe there was an average amount of time. I'll call the office if it isn't out soon.</p>

<p>No link between grades and finaid awards for continuing students in terms of timing of the awards. DD typically didn't receive her financial aid renewal until July. DS got his about the same time. DD's school year ends in mid June. DS's ended in mid May.</p>

<p>Call your school and ask when financial aid awards are sent to continuing students. They will be able to tell you.</p>