How long are the old SAT scores valid?

I am in the class of 2017. I studied for the old SAT and already got my goal score; however, I don’t plan on going to college right away after high school. My plan is to join the military for 4 years, and then apply to colleges afterwards. Would I still be able to use my current SAT scores? Or would I have to retake the SAT again?

This question hasn’t really been answered yet, as schools are still formulating policy, but I expect it will be fine, as the current policies tend to say the old test is fine for '17s.

Thanks for the reply. I also heard that the old test is fine for the class of 2017, but I think they are saying that under the assumption that everyone who is taking the old test will also go to college immediately high school. I won’t be going to college until at least 2021, which will be a bit of a stretch, so I worry that colleges won’t accept my current SAT scores by then. :confused: