how long are your short answers?

<p>the nyu personal statements only allow for 5 lines, around 75 words. Thats only like 3-4 sentences. Does anyone else find this to be very hard to do?</p>

<p>Do you guys extend it to the additional information page or just leave it at that? Does it matter? thanks</p>

<p>I think having an additonal info. page should be okay, obviously don't go overboard and attach a book to your app.</p>

<p>am i the online bothered by the fact that the short responses only allow for 3 sentences?</p>

<p>I would like additional room for my short answers but I really did cut the length and keep it within the box. I'm applying to gallatin so they ask applicants to write an additional essay about why they would like to attend gallatin and attach it to the additional info page so I figured it was ok that I left the short answer really short as long as I did a stellar job on the extra essay.</p>