How long did it take to find out if credits transferred?

<p>I am looking to possibly transfer next fall but my biggest concern is that my credits won't transfer. I'm sure many people fear this because we all want to graduate on time. I'm currently a Bio/Chem double major w/ a Pre-Med concentration. I have about a 3.4-3.5 gpa right now but I'm learning that this school just isn't for me. I am a freshman right now if that matters.</p>

<p>I will have taken
Bio (155 & 165)
Chem (150 & 160)
(Both have labs)
Computer Applications (132)
English (101 & 102)
Music (110 & 116 - fine arts credit where I currently am)
First Year Seminar (don't think this will count)
Human Complexity (Sociology 200)
Calculus/Analytic Geometry (Math 190)</p>

<p>How do you think this credits would transfer to most schools and when would I find out? After acceptance, after enrollment, or can I find out earlier before I make too many decisions.</p>


<p>Go ahead and fill out the application for whichever school(s) you're interested in. In the spring, make an appointment with an advisor at whichever schools accept you, and ask about the course transfers then. You may want to have a printout of your current transcript with you, to assist in the advising session. I would imagine that the vast majority of these classes would transfer (especially your major coursework).</p>

<p>Credit-wise, if you go to an accredited school, your credits should transfer. The tricky part is the class equivalency. They may not give you bio credit, so you may have to redo it, but they will give you the general credit.</p>

<p>Some schools tell you with your acceptance letter, and some tell you way after you've paid.</p>

<p>What is everyone's experience with credit transfer? I'd just like to hear some real experiences instead of reading things in articles saying that transfer credit it easy or difficult or whatever because it's really just not confirmed or denied. Just want to hear from real people.</p>

<p>Bump. Still looking for input.</p>

<p>Each receiving institution sets its own policy about this so the plain and simple truth is that sometimes it is very easy, sometimes it is impossible, and sometimes things fall between those two ends of the scale. You really, truly, do need to ask each place separately.</p>

<p>Since you know that you plan to transfer, save every last piece of paper from all of your classes: course syllabus, homework/lab assignments, papers, quizzes, exams, etc. That documentation will make it easier if you need to petition for credit for a specific course rather than just a generic gen ed credit.</p>