How long did you date before getting engaged?

<p>I'm interested- How long did you date your spouse before you became engaged? How long of an engagement before you got married?</p>

<p>I don't remember how long we were engaged, but we dated for 13 years before we got married! Obviously, he was a little afraid to commit :eek:.</p>

<p>We met in 1976, got engaged in 1984, and married a few months later. It wasn't a commitment issue - just wanted to finish schooling - we got married a week after dh got his doctorate.</p>

<p>1 month/7 months. Not a good idea, really, considering how it all turned out.</p>

<p>2 1/2 years dating to engagement. 1 1/4 years engagement to wedding.</p>

<p>10 months until we got engaged, plus another 10 months until we were married.</p>

<p>Met in Summer of '76 while I was doing study abroad
Engaged Jan. '77
Married Feb. '77</p>

<p>Two years exactly until we got engaged, then we were married 8 months later. It's been 24 years, and so far so good.</p>

<p>We met my junior/his senior year of college, dated 5 years, of which the last 11 months we were engaged -- waited for him to finish school, an excellent decision on both our parts -- we'll be married 24 years this summer.</p>

<p>4.5 years until we got engaged; married 1 year after that; another 5.5 years until first kiddo born.
D#$&, we're old!</p>

<p>One month of dating; then engaged; six months later, wed.</p>

<p>We knew each other as vague friends in college but didn't date then. Running into each other l0 years later, we dated one month from a distance of 1,000 miles. Became engaged at end of month. We were older (30, 34) and felt we knew what we were looking for. One month was crazy and I recommend it to nobody, except to say, "when the earth moves, why stop it?"</p>

<p>We announced the engagement to families at the same moment as the wedding date, set up for 6 months later. </p>

<p>Our two older kids are currently having extremely long engagements, as in 2 years! I've learned that engagement can now mean this: a solemn promise to wed each other someday. In our family, the real commotion begins when the wedding date is set.</p>

<p>Dated 4 years, engaged 7 months. Married 27 years.</p>

<p>5 months,10 months, going on 24 years</p>

<p>Met young (18 and 20) and married young (20 and 22). </p>

<p>16 months from time we met until engaged (but were apart 6 months early into that time)</p>

<p>5 months engaged until wedding (apart during engagement)</p>

<p>Married 32 years.</p>

<p>4 years, 5 months - married 27 years....</p>

<p>like paying3...dated for a month, engaged and married 3 months later.Have been married 24 years. However, when we met we were both in fairly rigorous counseling and part of a group of people who were examining their spirituality and their lives.<br>
I would not take our situation as common. Listen to Dr. Laura for just one day and you'll hear lots of stories of short courtships then marriages which ended very badly.</p>

<p>Met in November in college, engaged in March, married in August, 34 years ago!</p>

<p>We went out almost two years before we moved in together and a couple years after that we got married. So altogether we have been a couple 33 years</p>

<p>Dated 9 months, engaged 6 months....married 29 years.</p>

<p>Funny this should come up, as DS#1 is attending a wedding tomorrow of a couple who have only been dating 6 mos and who got engaged after 1 month (and getting married on the 31st to get the married tax benefit!). Led to a discussion of the fact that DH and I got engaged about 10 weeks after we met, and married 6 mo after (I was 30, almost 31, he was 27). He was in the military and was having to re-up. My recall was that he had to make a quick decision as he was scheduled to go to Korea. My recall is that he had to decide then, which is why we got engaged so quickly. Now he says (25 1/2 yrs later) that he had another year. NOW he tells me! :eek: BTW, I dated one guy in grad school for 3 years, another after that for 2 yrs. The one that worked out the best was the short and sweet dating/engagement >>>> marriage. :)</p>