How long did you date/were you engaged? Why is the timeline so long now?

W and I were both in final stages of our first marriages when we met. Over time as we began to interact in various ways, I guess the magic happened. Approximately one month before both marriages were finalized, we moved in together and then both divorces were finalized. We then lived together for 16 months and then decided to get married. W likes to jokingly remind me that while at courthouse standing in front of judge, she noticed that I was sweating. After ceremony I told W that I was thinking about how I was still paying the first W, and here I was in front of a judge getting married for the second time. It’s kinda of funny in retrospect. Not exactly a story book tale, but we will celebrate our 43 anniversary later this year.

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Never did lamaze but when I was pregnant with my first at age 36, I was shocked to be referred to as “advanced maternal age” -ha. Although getting married so late wasn’t the plan it all worked out. I was lucky enough to get pregnant easily with both kiddos and they haven’t had any issues out of the ordinary so I count myself fortunate.

I was advanced as well :joy:

That’s a great story! 43 years!

Met at age 21, did long-distance for a year (back when phone calls cost actual $$$), at which point we got engaged. Married nine months later.

We were the first among our friends to get married, but not the first to have kids. Our friends got married in their late 20s and immediately had kids. We were married seven years before S1 was born.

Both of my sons have relationships, don’t know how it will go. S1 was married at 21, just after graduating college. Didn’t last, though they are still friendly and stay in contact.

We weren’t planning to have kids. I discovered I was about four months pregnant at 39 1/2 after DH and I had been together 20 years. I was extremely unhappy about it and pretty much ignored the uneventful pregnancy. As much as I love our son, I detested parenthood, especially those early years. Have never understood how anyone who had one would opt to do it again. I had hubby spayed to ensure it wouldn’t.

That must have been a shocker after 20 years. Talk about unexpected.

Partly why I didn’t realize I was pregnant. It just couldn’t happen to us…

The best laid plans . . .

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One of the things I have found most interesting to my query has been the repeated comments re: busyness in establishing career delaying marriage - both in the past and currently. I guess I do not think of those things as mutually exclusive.

Dh is a year older than I am and had been working in public accounting three and half years before we married, I had been working in public accounting for two and half years. I worked another two and a half and then went to law school when I was 27 years old, graduating at 30.

I was 33 when ds was born.

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