How Long Do Decisions Take?

Hi, everyone! I recently applied to OU (specifically Scripps) and I am eager to hear back. I asked a friend who was already accepted how long it took her to hear back and she told me about two weeks, but the website said six to eight weeks. I applied on Wednesday and have submitted all my materials, but my ACT score is still on the way. After they get my score, how long should I expect to wait for a decision? Can anyone speak from experience? Rolling decisions are such a mixed bag, so I’m not quite sure. Any help would be appreciated!

As I recall with my son (my daughter has not yet submitted her application to OU), it took about 2 weeks to receive a decision–once the application was complete. So if the ACT score is the last piece of your application @mfeltner427 you should expect to hear about 2 weeks after that is received.

Good luck! My son is a very happy junior at Scripps.

@zipstermom Thank you so much! Good luck to your daughter as well! :slight_smile:

I applied 9/27 and received my admission decision 10/4 in the mail! Info about scholarships should come in December after their early action deadline. Good luck to you!

@ohiogirl8251 Thank you! I actually applied Wednesday, October 17th and was accepted into Scripps on Wednesday, October 24th, only one week after I applied and one day after they received my test scores. I was very impressed! Congratulations to you on being admitted! :slight_smile:

My son applied on August 8th and everything was received (application was showing complete). It’s now been just over 16 weeks and he still hasn’t heard anything. I’ve e-mailed twice and was told they were processing a high number of applications. I’m not sure if it’s because we are out of state, but he received admittance on his other two out-of-state applications within 4 weeks (both with scholarship offers based on his grades).

@Mark80 That seems like quite a long time. I think I’d call the admissions office to verify the status. My daughter applied about a month ago and just received her acceptance to OU. (We are OOS)

@zipstermom - Thanks. I have contacted them twice only to be told both times that they are “processing a large number of applications as quickly as possible”. It’s just not giving us a good feeling about the University and this was one of my son’s top choices.