How long do I have to wait for waitlist?

Got waitlisted at the Arts and Science school and this is my first choice. When will I find out approximately about my final decision?

It could all the way to August. It really depends on if other higher ranking schools will go to their WL. It would have a domino effect other schools. If Cornell is going to their WL, most students would find out 2nd or 3rd week of May.

Many moons ago, my brother was WL at Cornell. He was ready to go to Tufts, then a week before move in he found out he was taken off the WL at Cornell, and the rest was history. My older daughter was taken off Cornell’s WL second week of May.

Try calling them second week of May. If you haven’t written a letter of interest I would do it now.

BTW - there were few years when Cornell admitted too many students (or yield was higher than expected) so they never went to their WL.