How long does ACT scoring take?

<p>I know they say 5-8 weeks, but that's a pretty wide range. How long did it take for your scores to come in? (to the experienced ACT taker). </p>

<p>Oh, and can a person check their scores online too? Even a first timer?</p>

<p>***all ACT talk above includes plus writing :D</p>

<p>I am pretty sure that scores come out online 12 pm two weeks from tomorrow. The time is Central Time but all scores should be online two weeks from Monday (which is the next day). They mail the scores w/ writing a few weeks later.</p>

<p>Most people can check their subsection scores 2.5 weeks after the test, probably june 27 or so, writing scores come in a little later. 1st timers can check online too</p>

<p>June 27 - 12 PM CST</p>

<p>^ thanks for the exact timing. Now all I need to do is convert that. </p>

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<p>Yeah, the scores should be posted online Monday, June 27th…and as for the writing, that will be at a later date.</p>

<p>^^ So you won’t know your total score until a few days later?</p>

<p>^ you’ll know your composite but not your essay and combined english score</p>

<p>really? they release them at separate times?</p>

<p>The June 27th date is not for everyone… For an April ACT I got my test scores probably the first day they were out, but some of my classmates got their results at least 2 days after.</p>

<p>I remember my October scores came out about 5 days after the date they announced but I’m international. Everything was there, though. English/writing score was there too. </p>

<p>Side note, I’ve downloaded the ACT app so I can check my score on the go. Hehe. </p>


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