How long does it take colleges to get scores?

<p>If I choose to send my scores to a particular college when I register for the October ACT, how long will it take for that college to get my score? Will it be before or after they get released online?</p>

<p>really? no one knows or has any experience with this?...</p>

<p>I calculated this - its 17 days after the test so your scores for November will be ready November 12th..</p>

Send</a> Your Scores | Costs and Delivery Options | ACT Student</p>

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This</a> is a complete report that's processed within one week after your request is received. ACT delivers regular reports to colleges and agencies you've selected depending on their preferred schedule—at least every two weeks.


<p>If you want more control, there is priority report

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Priority</a> reports are normally processed within two working days after ACT receives your request. Priority reports are usually delivered three to four business days later


<p>Always remember google is your friend</p>

<p>The priority report cost slightly more.</p>

<p>are most of the scores going to be ready on the 24th?</p>

<p>This is weird: today I received an email from one of my daughter's prospective colleges, telling me the highest ACT score they had on record for her. Well, the score they quoted was 3 points higher than what she has ever scored. So, I wrote them back and told them this must be a mistake unless they already had her September 2012 score (which isn't due out until Sept 24th) and they wrote back and said, yes, this was her September 2012 score! Anyone ever heard of the college getting the score before the student?</p>

<p>i got a email from you pen today sent because of act scores and had not received a email from them before because of act scores.
I had received one from them because of ap scores before, so i think the answer is yes some times collages get scores first.</p>

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<p>Mmaatt, yes most scores will be out sep 24 1 am est.</p>

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<p>@sisterrita76 - congrats on your D's September ACT score being 3 points higher than her last highest score! Quick question - did she think she did that much better on the September test? I'm nervous for our D, but hopeful she did better as well.</p>

<p>to Our2girls: My daughter had taken the ACT FOUR times and got stuck on a 24 for THREE TIMES in a row. I signed her up for a Tutor (a local young man who has started his own tutor business) and she took his classes and her score jumped to a 27. I found that amazing. </p>

<p>His classes consisted of four practice tests (four consecutive Saturdays) and then 6 classes of 3 hours each and then 4 hours of private tutoring and it was $700. Argh. I would say it was worth it though.</p>

<p>I think she was much more confident in September and she is thrilled.</p>