How long does it take myPAWS/DARS Degree Audit to show up?

<p>I've been accepted as a junior-level transfer student and I was wondering how long it takes for the Degree Audit to show up in myNEU? I'd like to see what classes have transferred over.</p>

<p>Do you possibly have to send in the enrollment deposit first?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>


<p>I’d like to know, too! I’m a junior-level transfer as well, and when I e-mailed Transfer Admissions about it, they only e-mailed me instructions to get to myPAWS, but the link is not even available for me. I have yet to put in a deposit because I don’t want to commit without knowing which and how many credits will transfer. =/ I got my decision at least 2 weeks ago.</p>