How long does it take Texas A&M to assign a class rank from SRAR?

My school does not rank outside of top 10% (i’m not top 10%). TAMU just received my SRAR and I was wondering how long it takes them to assign a class rank so that they can begin to review my application.
Also, I am in-state if that matters.


It can take several weeks for your rank to show up in AIS.

Auto admits are still admitted on a rolling basis, meaning as their applications are processed, they are admitted to the university and for all majors except engineering, they are placed in a major.

Admissions officer on another forum has already stated that the majority of review applicants will not receive a decision until after January. In the past, there have been a handful of review applicants who are admitted in December. Auto admits have to be placed first into a major before they know how many spaces are open for review admits. With the deadline of Dec 15 for supporting documents (the Dec SAT scores are also being allowed for an after Jan 15 decision), it is unlikely that many review applicants will receive a decision prior to January.

The past two cycles have not followed past trends so once again, what happens this year remains to be seen.


I was wondering if you could tell me if I had a good chance to get admitted for biomedical engineering at Texas A&M. I have a 1440 SAT with 770 math and 670 verbal. I would also say that my essay is above average and that I have decent extracurriculars.

@AliBaba8958 What is your class rank and gpa? What’s your course rigor for science and math? Your SAT is solid but that’s not all they will look at.

Eng students are not admitted directly to major, so you have to compete with your eng peers for ETAM at TAMU (And the other entry routes) after your first year of pre eng classes.

Automatic admit college GPA will be 3.75 for engineering. BME is smaller, very competitive and will attract premeds, so make sure you have a clear understanding of how entry to a major works. TAMU has made it difficult to see how ETAM ends up, which is a shame and the old DARS data is not relevant to how it works now. I would like to see this years ETAM data.


Your SAT is solid. But as others have said, it is but one component. What is the highest math and physics you will have taken by graduation? What is your class rank? If you have strong math and physics classes and in the top quarter, you will likely be offered full admission in College Station. If you are 2nd qtr, your chances for full admission at College Station go down and an offer of first year at Galveston is more likely.
Remember, a “chance me” is a best guess based on past years cycle. A&M can always throw in a few wrenches to keep everyone guessing. This past cycle, people were wait listed. We also saw people offered Engineering academy slots be offered full admission to College Station in May.

Here is some more of what the was posted by the same staff member in the engineering department.

“during a spring ETAM cycle we normally have between 2500-2800 students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements. The last few cycles more than half have been eligible for auto entry.”

Note that the past engineering freshmen classes have been at or very close to 4000 students, and that number, 2500-2800, includes freshman as well as some 4th (and final) semester ETAM applicants.

The staff member goes on to say,
“It’s also important to note that if a student does NOT meet the 3.75 GPA requirement for auto entry they still have a shot at being offered entry to their first choice. About 75% of students are admitted to their first choice, regardless of GPA and almost 85% are admitted to their first or second choice.”

@AggieMomhelp @Sybylla @Thelma2

Thank you so much for the amazing feedback!!!
Unfortunately my high school does not rank outside of top 10% (I am not in the top 10% due to my school being ultra competitive). However, I do know that I am in the first quartile (top 25%) of my class.

Here are the AP classes I have/will take(n) throughout high school.
AP Classes Taken:
AP World History
AP Environmental Science
AP US History
AP Physics 1
AP Art History
AP Language and Comp

Planning to take Senior Year:
AP Literature
AP Government
AP Economics
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB

Here are my extracurriculars:
Student Council Member - Sophomore Year
Founded a Club - Sophomore Year
Volunteered 50 hours at local hospice - sophomore year
Competed in DECA - Junior Year
HOSA Member - Junior Year
Completed Clinical Rotations at local hospital and shadowed different healthcare workers - Junior Year
Accepted into many different camps and programs at local hospitals around my area, however all of them were cancelled due to COVID-19
NHS - Senior Year
EMT Certification - Senior Year

About 75% of students are admitted to their first choice, regardless of GPA and almost 85% are admitted to their first or second choice."<<<<<<<<


I would guess that there is a caveat for BME. Those stats might be correct for the bigger intakes, and the less desirable options.

The lack of transparent data from TAMU around this needs to be impressed upon applicants. The 3.75 gpa means that there are less auto admits, and less room for transparency (aka holistic). They need to know how many spots are available, how many applicants, how many auto admits, how many applicants come from each pathway, how many admits come from each pathway. this just IS BME specific, not across the board, the numbers are smaller and the cohort is super competitive.

@Sybylla The college of Engr will never release that data in my opinion. They haven’t since ETAM became a thing with the incoming class of 2014. I don’t know what stats they released prior to that. I agree with you completely on that.

The engineering staff member mentioned the below.

“the number of students who qualify for auto entry has more than doubled the last few ETAM cycles. This is a good thing because it means our students are high-performing from an academic perspective. However, there are some departments who have seen a rise in popularity but have not been able to grow from a faculty/staff perspective as quickly. Computer Science is a great example; 3-4 years ago, they were struggling to fill their seats and now they are one of the most popular.”

I wonder if MBE is the same as CS. Has seen a rise in popularity but has not been able to grow from a faculty/staff perspective and therefore, more seats cannot be added until it does.

Yeah, CS is a different animal, IMO what TAMU could do is offer CS via eng and CS via non eng as some schools do. BME is niche and small and populated by premeds that are super focused.

CS is probably more of a challenge, I would love to know what the average GPA is for those non auto admits… A BME kid won’t mind getting a decent eng 2nd choice as BME needs post grad anyway, but a CS kid won’t pivot to chem/mech/ocean eng and EE is probably terrifying to a kid that didn’t get the 3.5.

My daughter linked her SRAR to her application on August 5th but it is still showing as incomplete in AIS. How long does it normally take to show as complete? Her friend linked hers the same day as she did and it was completed within a couple of days.


I linked my SRAR on August 3rd and it showed up as complete on August 5th. You might want to contact Texas A&M if it doesn’t show as complete by tomorrow.