How long does it take to finish direct hits?

<p>just took a practice test. my math is 640, writing 660, but critical reading is just 550. </p>

<p>so i am going to get both editions of direct hits. i was wondering how long it would take me to finish if i spent around 20 minutes a day studying it? and does it help a lot? enough to bump me to 600? im bad with passages so i figured improving vocab is the way to go. im taking the SAT a 3rd and final time in october. thanks!</p>

<p>At most a month, if you go at 15 wd/day. It's not too hard.</p>

<p>There are about 450 words in Direct Hits (don't correct me because this an approximation which will work in this case). If you study the words religiously and remember 10 words a day, it will take you about two months to remember the list (you have to review the words too). So you have enough time!</p>

<p>okay sounds good! thanks! and is it around 450 words for both combined?</p>

and is it around 450 words for both combined?


<p>Yes, it is.</p>

<p>Only 450. 2-3 weeks + another week to review.</p>

<p>you never finish it</p>

<p>I finished both books within a week.</p>

<p>^That should be about right. After you've taken a week or two to learn all the words, make sure you go through all of them once in a while to make sure you remember them.</p>

<p>yeah i finished the first book within a week, then i just review whenever I get the chance. :)</p>

<p>I like how direct hits explains the origins of some of the worlds. For some reason this helps me remember them.</p>

<p>Is the book good? I am in need of a good SAT Vocab book.</p>

<p>Yes, Direct Hits is the most efficient vocabulary book on the market.</p>

<p>^Agree - definitely the best vocab book.</p>