How long does it take to hear back about EA?

I recently applied to Ohio for EA and it’s one of my top schools I want to go to. Does anyone know how long it will take to hear back from admissions? I couldn’t find anything on the website on a definite date they release decisions. Only that it might take up to six to eight weeks. I’m OOS so I don’t know if that factors into it.

I just heard back from admissions today. My application was complete on Oct. 26th and I heard back on November 23rd. It took exactly four weeks to receive my decision. I checked the portal around 5 yesterday and didn’t see anything. But my acceptance was in the portal this morning around 8. I didn’t receive an email telling me a decision had been made, I just checked the portal. I’m really excited, I hope this helps anyone else who is struggling with the waiting process. My basic stats are OOS, GPA: 3.5, SATs: 1130

My daughter also heard from Ohio U today and was accepted. She applied almost exactly four weeks ago. She is OOS, GPA 3.7, did not submit test scores.