How Long does non-rushing score reports take?

<p>im trying to analyze the wording "sent within three to five weeks"</p>

<p>does that mean it will arrive no earlier than in 3 weeks bur no later than in 5?</p>

<p>or could that mean the score report could arrive in 2 weeks since that is both within three weeks and within 5 weeks.</p>


<p>I sent my scores in Oct 24 so I'm trying to figure out when is the latest I should send my online apps but not too late that my SAT scores will have arrived</p>

<p>this is hard since without sending apps I dont have an application status account.</p>

<p>I want to hold on and revise my essays as much as possible no matter how perfect or well-written they may seem.</p>

<p>b u m p a d o o</p>

<p>I was curious about this, too. </p>

<p>Will my November SAT scores arrive at my Early Decision school (Tufts) in appropriate time for the November 15 deadline?</p>

<p>they will 'send', as in dispatch, ur score report 3 weeks (+2 weeks standby) after they recieve ur request.. so as they define it, your request on Oct 24 would be served between 15-28 Nov (not to mention the time taken in delivering it). I don't think they actually keep to this.. they would probably have a queue/quota and send the scores as it appears on a list.. it makes sense than counting days till the 3-weeks waiting period ends..</p>

<p>anyway, if ur scores reach the admission office earlier than ur application, most colleges hold on to it until they recieve a corresponding application. It's only after the deadline they would discard such score any case u could always call or inform them that ur scores are on its way..</p>

<p>they actually have the specific mail dates on the site. . .can't remember the link.</p>