How long does the ACT Test take?

<p>My daughter is taking the ACT for the first time and wanted to know how long the testing is. There's a test this Saturday that she is signed up for.</p>



<p>Total test time is 205 minutes if taking the Writing/essay. Without the essay, the ACT is 155 minutes actual test time. Individual sections are always in the order of: English (45 mins.); Math (60 mins.); Reading (35 mins.); Science (35 mins.); and, optional Essay (30 mins.). Of course, there are short breaks in between sections. </p>

<p>Dissmissal time really depends on how soon they start. ACT says to plan on ~12:15 if not taking essay, or closer to 1:00 pm if taking essay.</p>

<p>Good luck to your D.</p>