How long for confirmation?

<p>Hi all-</p>

<p>I sent all my recs, transcripts etc. about 2 weeks ago and the online app last week Thursday. I haven't received a confirmation email yet... should I call tomorrow to check? Also, how long did it take you guys to get confirmation emails (if you have)? Thanks!</p>


<p>hm... my application was sent last week, and i received a confirmation this week...</p>

<p>Erg. That's not good. Was the turn-around time about a week? If so, I'll call on Friday, but if not, I'll call tomorrow.</p>

<p>Yeah I would say about a week for me also. I doubt its a big deal, but I would still call just to make sure.</p>

<p>Lauren, you lose nothing by calling. And do not panic. Michigan receives like 25,000 applications. Sometimes, they are slow to respond. But call and make sure everything is in order.</p>

<p>Keep us posted.</p>

<p>My son called late last week to see if all the pieces of his application had arrived; they were not able to confirm this over the phone.</p>

<p>That is correct jrpar, however, if one calls, they do make a note of it and they also give you an automotated phone number to call to check out the status of your application.</p>

<p>automated phone number?
can i ask for this if i call the admissions office?</p>

<p>i've called twice already, and they always said "it looks like everything is in as of now, but i can't check specifics- if there's anything missing, we'll let you know in a letter or e-mail"...</p>

<p>Yes, if you call the admissions office, they can give you the automated line number.</p>

<p>I don't think the office would have noted that my son called - I don't think they even knew who was calling. They didn't give him an automated # - just said they would send an email if anything was missing (same message as above poster).</p>

<p>jrpar, you have to ask for the number.</p>

<p>Thanks, I'll tell my son to call again. Maybe he misunderstood what he was told in the first phone call.</p>

<p>No problem jrpar. Please let us know if they give you the automated number.</p>

<p>All the best to your son. Hopefully, he will be a Wolverine next fall.</p>

<p>Yay, finally got my confirmation email 2 days ago. It was exactly 1 week. Thanks for the help, everyone. They'll let me know if I'm missing anything, right? </p>


<p>You go girl. Keep us posted. Hopefully, you will be accepted and you will accept us right back.</p>