How long is a refund check good for?

<p>My refund check was shipped to my house in September. I have asked my dad to look for it multiple times but he can't seem to find it. I figure I will find it when I come home for thanksgiving. It's a check for $693. I know most checks have a date as to when they can be cashed. Does anyone know how long the checks are good for? I go to SUNY Buffalo if it matters.</p>


<p>Don't worry--you have 6 months before a check is considered "stale".</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. I could've sworn it was something like 60 days. I'm glad to know I'm in the clear.</p>

<p>Actually, you need to look at the check. On the check it will tell you how long the check is good for before it goes "stale".</p>

<p>I strongly recommend that you sign up for direct deposit with UB...the form is on the SRC website (or stop in at the SRC) and it's very easy to do. But you'll have to check your bank balance as they don't notify you immediately when a deposit has been made (my D's notification of a 10/20 deposit came today).</p>

<p>I'll sign up for it for the future but can anyone give me a solid answer on the life length of the check?</p>

<p>As Sybbie said, unless otherwise stated on the face of the check, your bank should accept it for up to 6 months. You could email the SRC to ask if there is another date.</p>

<p>If you got it in September it should still be good by the time you go home. Typically the <em>bank</em> will cash it for up to 6 months after it's issued, but some <em>institutions</em> will put a stop payment on it if you don't cash it after 90 days. So call the financial aid office to be sure, but I'm almost positive that if you got it towards the middle/end of September that it should still be good when you go home for Thanksgiving.</p>