how long is the short answer on supplement

<p>how long should it be. some schools define short answers as 100 words or less and others define it as 250, so what is about what they are looking for?</p>


<p>I think it is supposed to be approximately 250 words.</p>

<p>your both wrong, it clearly states on the application "roughly one-half a page"</p>

<p>well yes i now agree with farbdogg71 after looking at the paper application but the commonapp supplement online and paper both make no indication of how long</p>

<p>For some reason I remember 250...I dunno why though. I think short answers are generally supposed to be 250 (at least for UMich), which equates to about a half a page, canine.</p>

<p>CommonApp didn't give a length for the short answer on the supplement, but I basically just answered the question. I didn't try to be literary or anything, I hope that's what they were looking for. I think mine was about 200 words.</p>

<p>mine was about 150 words.. i really just answered the prompt only.. i didnt try and name-drop anything.. i dunno why i picked emory actually.. hahaha</p>