how long is too long for the short essays?

<p>I know it says one to two paragraphs, and I'm keeping with that, but seeing as Chicago is my first choice, I have quite a bit to say about why it is a good fit for me, and so my paragraphs are getting sort of lengthy.</p>

<p>Yeah, this is an issue for me as well. My two paragraphs are nearing a page, and with my essay already over 1000 words, I'm worried that it will be too much.</p>

<p>Just make sure they're good words, and that you haven't unnecessarilly repeated yourself.</p>

<p>Also, you don't have to tell us everything about why you love us. Just a few things. If you want to keep going, you could schedule an interview and tell the alum or admissions counselor who interviews you.</p>

<p>"Fit" and your desire for this kind of education doesn't all come from that first essay. "Fit" can be shown in the way you talk about books, in the way you talk about the Cartesian coordinate system, in the clubs you've joined, in the classes you've taken, in what your teachers say about you. If the entire application demonstrates fit, you don't have to cram everything into that one essay.</p>

<p>Thanks Libby! Maybe I'll cut down that essay a bit after I've written my long one, if I think I've made it apparent enough why its' a good fit.</p>

<p>Man, everyone seems to love that Cartesian question. I guess it's just not my style.</p>

<p>I'm not doing that one. I'm doing the brunch one. And inviting God. (if he doesn't show up, I guess that means he doesn't exist :))</p>