How long is your essay?

<p>Mine is 1156 words, which is pretty long methinks. It's a really good essay though andI really do not want to cut any more out.</p>

<p>Should I keep chopping away at it even though I know it'll compromise its quality?</p>

<p>I would. But I guess if you can upload the page into the app and all the characters appear on the essay it is fine.</p>

<p>mine, is about 689 words</p>

<p>The personal statement?</p>

<p>just 526 words</p>

<p>exact 500 words baby</p>

<p>mine is 681 words</p>

<p>464 I believe...somewhere in that neighborhood</p>

<p>Maybe 1156 words is perfect, and 1149 would be seven too few... BUT, in my own experience in editing my own writing as well as that of others, one can almost always improve a piece by tightening it up. Usually I start by trying to find entire thoughts that don't add much to the piece (which I can whack a sentence or even a paragraph at a time), and then start hunting for unnecessary phrases, places where I used four words where a single word would work, etc.</p>

<p>One little game that often works is to eliminate enough words in a paragraph to eliminate a line - if you are publishing in a fixed font size, this is a pretty common task if your text is too long to fit the space. While I usually do this for layout reasons, inevitably if I work the paragraph over to cut half a dozen words I end up liking the way it reads.</p>

<p>I can't count the number of times I've had a written piece that I thought was quite good but, after being forced to edit for space constraints, found the piece was better after surgery. In essays, less is often more. :)</p>

<p>how many words will fit on the app?</p>

<p>Yeah to what you are saying Roger. From being a school paper editor, I find that making an article shorter to save space actually makes it easier to read. With college essays, sometimes shortening it will make the essay flow better, which is all important.</p>

<p>752 words...hahhaa they wouldn't let me post just 752...its "too short"...oh REALLY.</p>

<p>554 words, inc title</p>

<p>Trust me guys, I've shortened it alot. It used to be 1500+ words.</p>

<p>How is your essay so long, doesnt it ask you to limit yourself to the space provided?</p>

<p>for those of us submitting the app through paper, do we just staple or paper clip our printed out essay to the app?</p>

<p>i guess that we should staple it since it harder to lose and separate for the admissions people</p>

<p>499 words (including my name =p)</p>

<p>Concise is good. One reason why I hated Biology--lab reports don't receive an A unless you tack on all the extraneous garbage. Keep it tight and focused. Cut the words that are dead weight, leaving behind the pure energy.</p>

<p>It's also generally good to make things easy for your admissions officer. Less they have to read, the less stress you cause them, the better your chances ;)</p>

<p>I used adobe and put my essay onto the paper itself</p>

<p>My essay fluidity is fine. I've already trimmed all the fat and everything so its not like its bogged down in verbosity or anything. It just has a whole lot of content and I guess I need to start getting rid of some of that.</p>