How Long To Get Transcripts And Accepted?

<p>Hi, Alabama is my #1 school and I am basically 100% sure I will be attending next year. On mybama it says my SATs and Scholarship application have been received but I sent my transcripts two weeks ago and they still haven’t been received. How long should I wait before I contact somebody and how long after everythings in will I be notified of acceptance? I qualify for the presidential scholarship and would really like to get my housing deposit in ASAP. Thanks.</p>

<p>Hey! Welcome! I remember YOU! :) Another New Yorker! </p>

<p>Did you submit your scholarship app? If not, do that soon. You got the follow-up email right?</p>

<p>Check on MyBama to see if the Student tab and Academics tab are both there. If so, then you've been admitted and should get snail mail soon. And, see if the Freshman Enrollment Deposit link is there.</p>

<p>It took about 2 weeks for mine to get processed. Ask your counselor if it has been sent.</p>

<p>The same thing happened to my D. The problem was that her HS sends them out via Naviance and I don't think Alabama uploads from there regularly. D's GC called and they were up the next day, with acceptances soon afterwards. I would suggest you call sooner rather than later. I wish we hadn't waited as long as we did.</p>

<p>Try to get everything in ASAP so you can pay your enrollment and housing deposits if Bama is your #1!</p>

<p>I'm from NJ and I got accepted to Bama a few days ago. It took about 2-3 weeks for me to receive my decision once they received all of my documents and scores.</p>