How long until I know?

<p>Wow whoever told me it take three to five weeks for sats scores to send lied. I sent my scores on Tuesday and it was pending until yesturday and Rutgers got it today. I did not rush scores. Anyways now that they have everything, about how long until I know? Honestly I do not think I stand a chance cause my SAT scores are low. Lower than the average. :( I'm number 6 in my class though. :/</p>

<p>You should be fine then I think cause my cousin got in with a 20 on her act last year o.O</p>

<p>Thank you. You have given me a little hope :)</p>

<p>wow! thats fast sending/receiving time for SAT scores!</p>

<p>I sent mine on the 25th of October from CB, they were finally sent on the 28th, and Rutgers received them the (as far as i know), when i found out i was admitted, prior to that (11/01/11) i did not see SAT RECEIVED under my status, only ACT, which took about 2 days to send and receive. </p>

<p>I think you'll be accepted, generally RU's SAT scores are from 1580 (with good GPA and rank) - 1900 (with mediocre rank/gpa)</p>

<p>I had a 1750 SAT, 26 ACT, Top 10%, and 4.1 W GPA, and i got in with EA (thank god!)</p>

<p>It took a total of 5-6 days after my entire app+SRAR (and since ur SAT scores were received, thats even better) was submitted to get a reply.</p>