How long will the Spring Break last?

<p>I am just so worried about the results and wish to know it as soon as possible. Will the admission office tell us the decision after the spring break?
How long will the spring break last?</p>

<p>We find out March 31 at 5pm Eastern time, if that's what you mean...
2 weeks exactly! Gah...</p>

<p>I'm dying. </p>

<p>I have nightmares about thin envelopes. </p>

<p>Oh, or worse.<br>
I'll have a really, really, really good dream about a thick-envelope. Cheering. Excitement. Celebrating with my mother and younger sister. Saying "ha-ha" to my father's family (convinced that I don't stand a chance and frequently drops such implications).<br>
Then I wake up ... and it was just a dream.</p>

<p>my most horrible nightmare is being waitlisted...which means that the waiting still doesn't end! i just wish i could get in and basta!</p>

<p>i told myself initially that getting waitlisted would be worse than getting rejected.</p>

<p>that was a lie. i'd much rather still have a chance. :)</p>