How low can my grades go second semester senior year?

By now all the various forms have been sent off to my colleges. Now, the waiting game begins. I want to enjoy my last semester in highschool to the fullest and not worry about grades. I’m also under a lot of stress because of the yearbook. How low can my grades go before colleges rescind my acceptance (not that I’ve been accepted anywhere yet).

Is it alright to get straight Bs?


<p>Make sure you stay away from a D or an F, as these grades could raise alarm bells in the admissions offices, and could result in increased introspection on you and your academic standing.</p>

<p>It would depend on where you end up. If you are admitted to an Honors program or are awarded merit money is part of your financial aid package, going to straight b's will cost you dearly as you risk losing both of those things.</p>

<p>Also be aware that your admission is always conditional based on you performance at the time which you have been admitted. The only the school can an will determine what is an acceptable drop in grades.A slide can make you admission conditional, place you on probation your first term, or land you in summer school.</p>

<p>Lets say they accept me with 2 Bs (one in APUSH, the other in a non-AP class).</p>

<p>If my grades were to slip to straight Bs, would this be ok? Also, I did not apply for financial aid.</p>


<p>Just keep working hard. Has your only motivation for getting good grades been getting into college? So much for that love of learning...</p>

<p>jesus, stop with the lectures and just answer the question, guys</p>


<p>As long as you don't end up in the "D-Scholars" search section at the end of the year in the admissions office, you'll be fine. Enjoy the last semester of HS!</p>

<p>"Just keep working hard. Has your only motivation for getting good grades been getting into college? So much for that love of learning..."</p>

<p>Sorry Slipstream, but I don't really have a penchant for learning. My primary motivation for getting good grades is to get into a good college that will (hopefully) land me an awesome job that makes me lots of money. :)</p>

<p>^ agree</p>

<p>we are very practical</p>

<p>Some students, despite their academic passions, do not enjoy their high school classes. Not all high schools are equal. </p>

<p>A high school may have a small selection of courses in the student's interests, unchallenging work, and dull teachers. Also, at public high schools, the student body doesn't usually inspire brilliance.</p>

<p>Just because a French major wants to slack off in calculus, physics, and US history doesn't mean that he lied on his application.</p>

<p>It's true. Money, money. That's the philosophy. I haven't found anything that strikes me as "Ooh, i want to follow this and idealistically learn everything there is to know about it." Get myself a job in corporate law, help people, and the money, money, money.</p>

<p>You people who say that you don't love learning if you slack a litte are ridiculous. Has it possibly occured to any of you that you can't go on for your entire life on edge and putting out 110%? Has the idea of relaxing occured at all? College is gonna be plenty hard, I think us seniors deserve a little time to relax before the rat race starts again.</p>

<p>First off, sorry that I angered you all so much...not my intention. </p>

<p>Secondly, I am a senior and I admit that I have slacked off a little bit but never once has the idea "just how badly can I do?" crossed my mind. Maybe we just have different approaches: you're goal-oriented ("practical"?) and I enjoy the journey.</p>

<p>If I were you, I would ask people who went to the colleges you applied to and ask them how their 8th semester grades were. If one of them has straight-Bs, then there's no need to worry about that college's expectations.</p>

<p>"Just keep working hard. Has your only motivation for getting good grades been getting into college? So much for that love of learning..."</p>

<p>shutup, slip</p>

<p>No need to get on the offensive Curtisny. Slipstream and I simply have varying viewpoints, that's all. :)</p>

<p>I talked over the issue with my parents, and they started talking about "pride in my grades" and what not. They totally destroyed any chance of me slacking off even a tiny bit. </p>

<p>So I guess I won't be getting mediocre grades this semester afterall.</p>