How low verbal score is still acceptable?

<p>How low verbal score can an international have, without harm on admission chance, for: MIT, Princeton, Stanford and JHU?</p>

<p>According to collegeboard data set, only 11% of americans achieve more than 650 in verbal part... It always seemed impossible to know english better than native speaker... And I have three weeks to achieve it :).</p>

<p>Where I could find the average SAT verbal score for international acceptees to Ivy League's colleges?</p>

<p>check out each college's individual site and see if you're in their 25-75% range, as an international you have to be better than the americans at their own game</p>

<p>I would like to know the per cent of intl applicationts offered an admission, where the variable is verbal score..</p>

<p>Better than americans, but better than how many of them? 80%? 90%? 99+?</p>

<p>But you have to remember that scores are only one part of the process, because everyone applying has the scores. No school will ever be full of students who sored 1600s s if that is your claim to fame you will truly be disappointed as many 1600's are rejected. Coming from the interanational pool the competition will even stiffer because there will be few seats for international applicants.</p>

<p>You have to also keep in mind that with schools like MIT and Princeton close to 90% of those that apply will be rejected for the plain and simple fact that there are simply not enough seats for all the students who ae qualified. What the school tries to do is to build a class of math, engineering majors with a few musicans and artist thrown in to offer a different perspective. </p>

<p>There will be kids from alll over the country as well as all over the world. There will be some rocket scientist as well as some regular folk who have hte passon and the intellect to thrive in that environment. You may have kids who will be admitted with 1200's who show their passion in other ways, so please don't look at the scores as the be all and end all in the porcess.</p>

<p>What is going to matter most is your class room record and the rigor of the courses you have taken. Also taken in to consideration, will be your recommendations, your essays (you would be suprised how many people blow out their test scores and really can't string a good sentence or think critically/analyically.</p>

<p>In highly selective schools everyone is bringing something great to the table so in the end it is going to be about bringing your best self to the table (which is all that you can do) and let the chips fall where they may because you don't know what they are looking for to build the class of 09. so relax</p>

<p>You are not likely to get an answer to that question even from the director of admissions from those specific schools. It depends on your major, the quality of the rest of your resume, and your country of origin. A student who has done internationally renown work in math, from a country barely represented in the US would get considerably more leeway than someone with the usual profile from a country full of applicants who are maxing the verbal score in droves. The son of the crown prince of some country may also get leeway. It all depends on what else you are bringing to the table.</p>

<p>sybbie719 - I know that 1600 is not a guaranteed admission, and I understand why colleges are looking for different people.</p>

<p>In my country You can not take harder/easier course. There is only one course for everyone, and it's difficulty depends only on:
- selectivity of the school
- level of language
- In some cases Individual programme. [1/1000 students? I do not know, I attend to the most selective [last year data] school in country capital, and I am the only one who have individual programme, because of academic reasons, and there are approximately 500 people there. In most schools no one have an IP]
- Ethics/Religious - Ethics could be treated as more advanced.
That are the things that we can choose. Conseqeuntly, I do not know how admissions comitee will make decision. We had 35 hours a week, 15 subjects for two years, and now we have 8 subjects, and about 30 hours a week.</p>

<p>And sybbi719, the problem is, that I am not thinking about 1600, but less than 1400... with 800 from math, mincing words, You know what I mean :).</p>

<p>Major? Science: Mol. Biology and Biophysics, Bioengineering. Let's say science, and applied science.</p>

<p>What I bring to table: Initiativity, motivation, analysis, creativity.
And things that I am not sure:
?? => lecturing and tutoring[Could be helpful in the class :P. By know most of my classmates found it helpful ;) ;)].
?? => morality and integrity [ is it important? I was always very strict in moral sense person: basing judges on analitical system, roughly it is based on utylitarism with influence of formalism, and especially, logical explanation and understanding.]
?? => Self-Development system, which I would be very happy to explain :). Based on simple praxeology, and a bit economical assertions. Works well, and I am trying to convince people to it.</p>

<p>It looks a bit technical, but It will be easier to understand for You, I guess.</p>

<h2>I am a white male, from eastern europe. As far as I know, there is one girl who is attending Princeton from my country. But, there could be a second one also...</h2>

<h2>What will be satisfactory? Roughly, approximately, I will stand if You can't give SD and average ;).</h2>

<p>I predict my verbal score between 520-620. The problem is vocabulary, mainly, I have studied 1000 words this weekend, and memorized it, but I don't think I would be able to study in such a tempo for one month, since It is too exhausting. Hence, I am a bit worried. Believe me, I have far less opportunities here, and I am trying to do my best. If I won't spend time memorizing words, I will be writing my projects and conceptions, or perfecting essays. Hence the question, and ask for some reliable data.</p>

<p>Thank You for Your time, it was a long post :).</p>

<p>I will be happy, if You would substantiate shortly Your opinions. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Maybe someone could tell something more with information given above?</p>

<p>It would be helpful to find a school where your country is underrepresented. It would also be helpful to you to find a school where your combined score is in the upper 25% of the range and where they are looking for kids with high math scores. Your 800 won't get a blink from CMU, as they have many kids with very high math scores. You may want to look at schools where you can "bring up " the average. My friend has a daughter with similar scores to yours, though she is American, and she is happily at a LAC as premed major. Her high math scores were a boost to that particular school. You should look where you are most wanted.</p>

<p>jamimom - I do not want to get in SOMEWHERE. Somwhere is here, in my country, where I have literaly guaranteed admission for some departments.
I have about 10 projects [by now, only those that I would like to continue] concerning applied biology in technology, biophysics, and immunology. I would like to attend to mentioned schools because it looks that I will have the most freedom in research after undergraduate studies, best labs [I'd like to stay with univ. after ugraduate], and most money for research [I don't find working for a biotechnology company moral. It could be matter of broader discussion.]. </p>

<p>I am from Poland. Where we are underrepresented? :) Maybe in Vietnam :). After Soviet's repressions, and numerous wars, Poles are a bit dispersed...</p>

<p>Just kidding, as far as I know, Poles, from Poland are underrepresented in most of the US colleges.
"?" "After maybe in Vietnem"</p>