How many AP classes can most people take at one time without being overwhelmed?

<p>I'd like to take as many AP courses as I can, but not so many that I can't handle all of them. What has been or is your limit for taking more than one AP class at a time? Also, which AP courses were they?</p>

<p>Most people can't handle any AP courses. This depends entirely on you.</p>

<p>Take 10 ap tests, one per day. You can take more if you wanted to, time is the only limit.</p>

<p>It greatly depends on the person. If you want to go with "most people," then the answer is 0. Only about a third of US high school students even bother to take at least 1 AP class. However, some people only take AP classes and find it easy, and they self study additional tests. For me, the issue is not the difficultly of the content, but the amount of work the teachers give (so my limit is about 4-5 at a time, I'm not the most motivated person).</p>

<p>Any more than 5, and you are probably seriously limiting your life outside of school</p>

<p>Looking at what my two sons have taken and fared, I would say 4. It also depends on the teachers of course.</p>

<p>Last year I took four and it was no big deal so I self-studied one more. This year, I am taking even more. Not sure what my limit is. Hopefully I don't die this year... and yes, I have a life. It really varies from person to person, from subject to subject, and from school to school.</p>

<p>Took 5 but define overwhelmed</p>

<p>Taking 6, easy-peasy.</p>

<p>Taking 5 <3</p>

<p>It also depends on which ones. Some APs have a reputation of being only about high school level in difficulty (e.g. Human Geography, Statistics, Physics B). Others really are like college freshman courses (English Literature, Calculus BC).</p>

<p>I highly doubt the poster of "6 easy-peasy" is being completely truthful.. unless they are taking the easiest AP classes offered at their school.</p>

<p>It mainly depends on the teachers/how much work they give/how difficult their exams are. The hardest classes (most work-intensive) at my school are AP Euro, AP Chem, AP English Lit, and the AP Languages. From what I've heard at other schools too, though, AP languages are usually much harder than the rest. Also, some schools, like mine, restrict the number of APs you can take a year, and most people can't take any at all until junior year... ie. HYP acceptances from my school took a max of 5 classes per year (though a few self-studied more).</p>

<p>I'm taking 6. And there are some days where I get no homework. Like today. I can probably take 2 more until I feel overwhelmed.</p>

<p>Hmm. I'm taking 7 here. Most are humanities classes (art history, spanish/eng lit) with moderate homework, but there are a lot of long-term projects. It's definitely doable for me, all it takes is some time management. I have a study hall period, so I tend to get a good chunk of work done before I get home. Only class that gives me trouble sometimes is Physics C.</p>

<p>But I guess I don't qualify as "most people" haha</p>

I highly doubt the poster of "6 easy-peasy" is being completely truthful.. unless they are taking the easiest AP classes offered at their school.


<p>Actually, I really am not having any problems in my classes and some are amongst the most difficult at my school (calc, physics, english), while others are a little bit easier (stats, gov, econ).</p>

<p>I agree with some of the other posters, I could take two more. So I am self studying physics C on top of my curriculum.</p>

<p>Took 18 using AP review books and lived a normal junior year. Anything's possible if you manage time well.</p>

<p>Most people? zero.
I'm personally doing 12 this year.
8 are in school (7 periods, micro/macro economics is 1 semester each).
retaking 2 of them for a higher score (college accepts 4+ and I got 3s).
2 are self study (art history and comp gov).
I'm mainly taking them to get credit for college.</p>

<p>It depends on your extracurricular activities too, I could probably do all 12 fine (and have a social life) if I wasn't doing AcDec.</p>

<p>Woah, some of you people are insanely smart, I could never handle that... I just take the highest level offered of everything. So that was 2 APs sophomore year, 3 Junior, and I'll take 5 senior year. Hearing of people take 8-18 make me feel like I'll never get into college...haha</p>

<p>Most people don't take APs (see stats from the first page) so you're really not at a disadvantage if you're still taking the most rigorous courseload possible at your school. The problem is if everyone at your school is AP crazy, haha.</p>

<p>I am taking 6 right now and it's really easy. I took 5 last year, 4 the year before, and 1 in freshman year.</p>

<p>Self-studying tests is far easier than taking the classes. Taking 18 AP classes would be impossible.</p>