How many AP classes should I take

<p>Hello guys, this is the most serious thread I will make on here. I've been thinking that 4 AP classes Junior year would be enough for schools like Vanderbilt and Emory, but adults on here are telling me otherwise. I can only take 5 APs because one AP is a year long and the other class space will be filled for the fine arts requirement and Pre-Calculus. Which leaves me with one AP space. Should I just put down an easy AP like Phsycology or Human Geography or am I okay?</p>

<p>Take AP human. It’s so interesting.</p>

<p>^ Okay thanks :D</p>

<p>take AP psych.</p>

<p>take all of them</p>

<p>Ap psych is so easy, I got a five even though my teacher left halfway through the year and was replaced by a 100 year old man who played videos every day in class. Anddd it’s super interesting and fun. Win win. It’s a great elective.</p>

<p>Oh, I also have 5 APs this year (English, govt, physics b, calc ab, and art). It’s not too much work and I forsee all 5s except maybe physics. If that gives you any perspective. My sixth class is a fifth year of science, but it’s dual credit rather than ap.</p>