How many AP courses should be taken along with the IBDP?

For reference, I am currently a rising sophomore about to go into the IBDP. Here is some background:

  • Seventh Grade:
    • Algebra I
  • Eighth Grade:
    • French I
    • Geometry
    • Earth Science
    • Psychology (summer)
  • Ninth Grade:
    • Pre-IB Biology
    • Pre-IB Algebra II/Trigonometry
    • Pre-IB English 9
    • Pre-IB World History/Geography
    • Pre-IB French II
    • Economics and Personal Finance
    • Health and PE 9
    • Mathematical Analysis/Pre-calculus (summer)
    • Health and PE 10 (summer)

Here is what I would like to take in the future:

  • Tenth Grade:
    • AP Calculus BC
    • Pre-IB English 10
    • Pre-IB Chemistry
    • Pre-IB AP US Government
    • Pre-IB French III
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP Physics 2
    • AP Art History
    • DE Human Anatomy & Physiology (summer)
    • AP Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism & Mechanics) (summer)
      (also would like to take AP Psychology and AP Statistics)
  • Eleventh Grade:
    • IB English HL 11
    • IB French SL IV
    • IB History HL 11
    • IB Biology HL 11
    • IB Chemistry SL 11
    • IB Math AA HL
    • IB TOK 11
    • AP European History
  • Twelfth Grade:
    • IB English HL 12
    • IB French SL V
    • IB History HL 12
    • IB Biology HL 12
    • IB Chemistry SL 12
    • IB Math AA HL
    • IB TOK 12

How many AP courses taken along with IBDP is too much?

That depends on both you and your school.

Is it typical for full IB students to take additional AP classes at your school? in most of the IB programs I know it is not. The schools that I know that mix’n’match IB/AP use APs for subjects they don’t offer at IB level.

IMO your Grade 10 schedule is seriously overloaded- and there are some anomalies

  • Calc BC and the 1st year of IB Math AA overlap a lot- is 3 years to complete the sequence typical at your school?
  • Calc BC + Physics 1 & 2 + Chem in one year is a LOT. Adding the super content-heavy Art Hx (you might think it's a "pillowcase" class, but there is a lot of material to cover) looks like setting yourself up for trouble- unless, of course, you are the kind of science/math student who is that good (you might be- there have def been students who could breeze through all of that- but ime they are rare).

Many, many of your posts fret about APs- I think you have a mis-placed sense of their importance. Selective colleges want to see you challenging yourself, but none of those AdComms will look at a full IB app and ding you for not having APs! It is much more important for you to get high grades in the classes you take at school- and use your outside-of-school time for ECs that are genuinely meaningful to you…

…which is why taking AP courses over the summer is not a good use of a summer. Your focus on grad school is fine- but you have a lot of road to walk between here & there, and none of your posts address the other half of your app: what are you doing for meaningful ECs? Even if you do everything you have listed above, and get perfect grades it won’t be enough to get you into the programs you have mentioned on other posts.

For 11th and 12th grades when doing IBDP, one is too much. No college expects AP on top of IBDP. And I think you are greatly underestimating the time IBDP takes along with college applications and standardized testing.

Summers should be spent on non-a ademic pursuits. No college is looking for an academic drone.

And on that note, closing thread as OP has asked this question before. Ndw responds can go on that thread