How many AP tests did you take and your score predictions for each one

<p>List each AP test you've taken or will take and your score prediction and any comments</p>

<p>American government: at worst a 3, best, well, obviously a 5
Spanish: 3 or 4
Calculus: HAHAHAHAHAHA 2 at best
Physics C Mechanics: 1 or an *</p>

<p>get ready to fail econ! woooo!</p>

<p>Calc BC- 5
Bio- 5
Physics C Mech- Probably 5, maybe 4
Macroeconomics- I'm seriously going to get a 2 on this test.
English Language- Didn't take yet but definitely at least a 4.
Physics C E&M- Taking the late test, probably getting a 5.</p>

<p>I'm feeling pretty good so far. I only really care about Calc, bio, and physics, so I'm pretty happy. Macroecon is going to be a complete disaster lol.</p>

<p>Calculus: 5
APUSH: 4/5 (clinging on that last bit of hope that my DBQ will be a five, and my FRQs will be 7's)
Physics: 4/5</p>

<p>going to take AP english language, and I think I'll score a 3/4.</p>

<p>Calculus BC: 5
Physics B: 5
European History: 4/5
French Language: 3/4</p>

<p>Now that I've taken 3 of my 4 AP exams for 2010, here are my score predictions:</p>

<p>AP U.S. Government and Politics - 4 - I scored 4s on practice MCs and I felt like I scored around that well or maybe a little better on the MCs on the actual exam. I feel like I did well enough on the FRQs to possibly get by with a 5 overall, but not likely.</p>

<p>AP Statistics - 4 - Surprisingly, this is one of the ones I'm a little worried about. My score could be anywhere between a high 3 and a low 5. Hopefully it ends up right in the middle at 4. I made 4s and 5s on all practice tests, and I think I scored in the high 20s for the MCs on the real exam. I got tripped up on a couple of the FRQs this year, but I'm fairly confident that I got 4/4 on at least 3 of the FRQs from the actual exam. If I did slightly worse than expected on either section of the exam, then I probably scored a very high 3, but I'm hoping for a 4.</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB - 4 - This was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. The MC was very easy, and the FRQs were decent. I think I messed up in a couple places, but I could end up with a 5 on this one as well because of the MCs. I think its safe to say I'll at least get a 4, which I would be fine with.</p>

<p>I will take AP Microeconomics this week, and I'm predicting I will also score a 4. I seem to be the AP student who knows the material well enough to score above just passing at a 3, but not so well that I earn a 5. I am just fine with that though, since I need mostly 3s and some 4s to get college credit. This next two months will be difficult with waiting for these scores.</p>

<p>US Gov: 5
Comparative Politics: 4
Calculus AB: 5 or 4
Literature: 4 or 3...sigh...I need a 5 :(
Biology: 5 or 4</p>

<p>Spanish Language: 3/4
English Literature: 4
Biology: 5
Chemistry: 5</p>

<p>U.S. Gov and Pol: 4 or 5
Calc BC: 5
English Lit: 4
Physics C - Mech: 4/5
Physics C - E&M: 4/5</p>

<p>US History- 5
Environmental- Taking it tomorrow!!! :/ Probably a 4 because I can't do the math!
Human Geo- 5</p>

<p>Computer Science- 5
Calculus BC- 5
Statistics- 5
English Lit- 5
Physics C Mechanics- 4
Physics C EMag- 2, no joke</p>

<p>Haha some of these are very interesting
I only took 3 Ap exams..wish I'd taken more but since i only took 3 i condensed all my studying to these 3 and predicting 5's on all of them
Calc AB- 5..frq mistakes may give me a 4
Bio 5.. we did 3 of the frq's in class before test ;)</p>

<p>stat - high 4 probably...i bet im just going to be on the border nd get a 4 :(
bio - high 4, aced the mc, bombed free response</p>

<p>psych - prbly going to get a 4/5 not sure yet
i wish i took envisci but my mom wouldnt let me :(</p>


<p>US Gov't- 3 or 4
Statistics- 5
Literature- 4 or 5
Physics C Mechanics- 5
Physics C E&M-3</p>

<p>To take</p>

<p>Psych-3 to 5
Art Hist-3 or 4
Macro- 2 or 3</p>

<p>French - 1/2 if I'm really lucky. Lawl, failed it really hard.
Stats - pretty easy 5, I think
Calc BC - 5
Eng. Lit. - 4/5 depending on how they like my 'original' essays
Psych - This one is supposed to be really easy, right? 5
APUSH - 5 ... tons of studying for the SAT II will pay off
Physics EM - 4/5 depending on how much cramming I get done</p>

<p>US Gov - 4/5</p>

<p>Calc AB - 5</p>

<p>Stats - 5</p>

<p>English Lit - 4/5</p>

<p>Biology - 5</p>

<p>Macro Eco - ?</p>

<p>AP Physics - 5
AP Comp Sci -5
AP Eng Lang - Praying for a 3</p>

<p>US Gov - 4/5
Stats - 5
Lit - 5
Euro - 5</p>

Enviro - 5
Micro - 5
Macro - 5</p>

<p>holy ****, 7 to 8 tests with 5' many brains do you need for that</p>

<p>Comparative Gov - 4/5
Calculus AB - 5
USH - 4/5
Biology - 5
Psychology - ahahahaha fml</p>