How Many APs did you take?

<p>I was just wondering how may AP classes you took and whether or not you were accepted, deffered, or out right rejected.</p>

<p>9 AP's and i was deferred in December...waiting for march 31st!</p>

<p>1 AP class, accepted.</p>

<p>But that's probably because I'm an IB diploma candidate.</p>

<p>what is an IB diploma candidate?</p>

<p>Took 3 last year (5s on all the exams).
Taking 3 this year.

<p>8 total. I'm RD.</p>

<p>9 APs (including this year... 5 not including this year)... (also AP Scholar with Distinction)</p>


<p>3 last year 5 this year. Accepted</p>

<p>i took 11, and i'm an applicant. my bro took 13 and got into MIT</p>

<p>To be perfectly honest though, the number of AP's does not have a direct relationship to your chances for admission. AP's are almost like an essential element of the application for Brown, but 3 vs 9 really doesn't make too much of a difference. could have 100's in 3 AP's and 80's in 9 AP's or the schools may not offer all of them</p>

<p>Or its Brown University, and wonderful as the school is, admissions are random to a certain extent! =)</p>

<p>ummm took five last year. this year taking seven.</p>

<p>but i really don't think the number of APs matter much anyhow. not for us canadians at least im guessing...</p>

<p>Yeah, I would guess that like SAT scores and other stats, number of APs is not any kind of useful indication of who will be accepted.</p>

<p>9 classes and 10 tests (including this year)...RD applicant.</p>

<p>Some schools offer very few APs though, so "number of APs" isn't particularly indicative of your chances.</p>

<p>My D took 4 last year and didn't report the scores on two of them. She was accepted RD.</p>

<p>0 ...............</p>

<p>And then there are high schools that offer very few APs, so AP classes would be limited.</p>

<p>Colleges look at the profile of the HS, which indicates the available classes and their rigor. They really don't blame the students for a lack of classes offered. I know a young woman who took 0 APs at all, and no advanced classes in HS. The highest level of math was pre-calc. She was accepted RD to Harvard two years ago-- no URM, no legacy, just a far-away from it all location.</p>

<p>i think the SCORES of those APs really matter. You can take as many APs as you want, but if you get 3s and 4s on all of them, then your AP record may not be stellar for brown.</p>

<p>i have a friend who was admitted ED to brown last year; i think she only took five aps, but she got 5s on all of them.</p>

<p>Not really. You should report the scores on the tests from Junior year, but the scores from senior don't matter for ADMISSIONS because you are already admitted (or not) by the time the scores are reported in July. You are not required to report the scores from any AP exam, ever. They could matter for getting placed in a class, but they don't count for credit at many schools.</p>

<p>did i say that the scores from senior year specifically mattered? no, i was not referring to those. i think everyone realizes that i meant scores for the tests that have already been taken.</p>