How many AP's for columbia

<p>Generally how many Ap courses did admitted students in columbia take?
Im planning to take 4 next year; AP Calc AB, AP Biology, AP Stat, AP US Gov</p>

<p>Is that too much or too less?</p>

<p>AP’s are never recorded like SAT or GPA. First of all, AP’s are not mandatory, so they aren’t on par with these other requirements (SAT, GPA, letters of recommendation, etc…) However, it all depends on what you want to do when you get there. If you want to go into business, then I’m sure AP ECON, and AP STATS will be necessary or at least useful. For medicine, AP BIO and AP CHEM will be the important ones. You are taking, (no offense), 4 of the least connected AP combos I’ve ever seen. Either you are trying to cram as many AP’s in as possible, or you just ran out of courses. Just remember that the number you take is not as important as which ones you take, and how well you do on them.</p>

<p>It depends how many are offered at your school. You should be taking more than half of your offered APs easily.</p>

<p>If memory serves, Columbia does not take into consideration AP scores during the application process, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t take into consideration AP courseload as most selective schools require/prefer applicants to take as rigorous a schedule as possible.</p>

<p>My D, at the time she filed her Columbia application, had only taken the 3 AP classes that were available to her; Chem, Bio and Lit. She was accepted. I’d say so long as you’re taking the tougher classes then you’re doing what you should. Keep in mind that Columbia only offers 16 credits towards qualifying AP scores and college courses.</p>

<p>I think the average APs taken by the admitted class of 2016 was 24</p>

<p>I would think that 4 AP’s would be sufficient…</p>

<p>It is not an absolute number, but your curriculum’s level of difficulty. You can check with your guidance on what is required for it to be considered “most challenging”. If your school does not offer too many AP classes, you can always take some online, it may show that you are open toward independent study (in theory at least).</p>

<p>Um, gratisfaction, there are 22 APs.
You’re probably joking, but still…smh</p>