How many can you miss and get around 750 for CR and W?

<p>anyone? thanks</p>

<p>anyone please?</p>

<p>I know its less than 5, depending on the curve</p>

<p>Probably around 2 - 3 with a 10 on the essay for writing.</p>

<p>Probably 4 for CR. Writing is trickier, since the essay is also factored. I would think its something like this:</p>

<p>-4 MC + 12 E
-3 MC + 11 E
-3 MC + 10 E
-2 MC + 9 E
-1 MC + 8 E
Perfect MC + 8 E</p>

<p>Thats my guess, but it could always fluxuate. But I think thats a fair estimate.</p>

<p>for the critical reading section = you would have to get a maximum of 2 wrong to get 750</p>

<p>for writing</p>

<p>no wrong + essay 8
1 wrong with essay 10
or 2wrong with essay 12</p>

<p>i'm being very harsh - so that you would get an understanding of what it takes to acquire that kind of a score - taking the minimums</p>

<p>I like darkrulerII's estimates, those are pretty good.</p>

<p>Damn these curves are harsh...</p>

<p>On the April Test, I got 4 wrong, ommit 0, and got a 750, so thats about a good estimate.</p>

<p>Thanks you guys :)</p>

<p>Dammit, it's harsher than I thought it would be. :(</p>

<p>Ok, everyboday I have a small question:
Today I sat down and took the one of the tests in the blue book. The part I tried was the Critical reading and after finishing 2 sections, I calculated my correct n incorrect questions. My raw score was 62 and I saw the Scaled score: 690-790
This is what I really don't understand. So, which is my score ? and what a 790 here stands for ?
Does anyboday mind explaining this to me ? cuz this is the first time I've used the blue book and its scaled table. Thanks in advance ! ;)</p>

<p>You're supposed to finish the entire section in order to get a more accurate read of your scores.</p>

<p>Ok.I took another practice test and finished the entire CR section. After that I calculated my raw score and used the scaled table.
My raw score is 52 and the scaled table gives me two number: 600-680
What does this mean ? This is what I'm really confused cuz what is my score: 600 or 680 ? And why are these numbers so different ? </p>

<p>Anybody understands this, please explain it to me. Thanks a bunch ! =)</p>

<p>In last year's test (June 2005), I got a 730 for CR with 5 wrong, 0 omits.</p>


<p>It means that depending on the curve (if one is given) your score would range between 600 and 680. It could be 620, 640, or 670! :D</p>

<p>I missed 3 on writing and got a 10 on the essay and got a 730.</p>

<p>Hehe, thanks WMF1125. Fathomed it out eventually ( cuz that was the first time I took a practice test, just with a view to knowing my present level )
But, I understand the shoddiness of my score. I intend to take the SAT in Nov and what is the best way to raise my score ? I am really freakin' out now :(. Thanks a bunch ;)</p>