How many classes each quarter is average?

I do know some students having 2-3 classes but is 4 classes a little too much? What do you think?

From chatting with friends of different schools, we’ve come to the conclusion that the common range is 12-16 units a quarter. Assuming 4 units per class, it’s like 3-4 classes a quarter.

I think colleges are pushing for less, therefore adding a semester or two onto the 8 normally required. I think with a balance of courses (and assuming it is not one of the most difficult majors; ie., think engineering, computer science, etc.) four should be a minimum and 5 most semesters. I’m finding that some schools don’t allow 5. There is also a minimum amt of credits to keep scholarship and financial aid at most schools. It is my experience in speaking with nieces, nephews, and friends’ children that 5 is def doable but not really being pushed.