How many classes first semester?

<p>I'm thinking four or five. I've heard most CMU students take five, but I'm not sure. Has anyone registered for classes yet? (I know it might be a bit early to ask this, I'm in H&SS and I just received the info on placement tests a few days ago)</p>

<p>How many classes are you thinking of taking your first semester of freshman year?</p>

<p>HSS kids take five nine-unit courses, generally. You can overload, but that involves making your counselor love you and bumping up your credit max before you've even met them. Taking four will put you behind on completing preliminaries.</p>

<p>Take as many as you can, that way you can always drop a week or so into the semester if you dont think its going to work out.</p>

<p>thanks both of you,
and completelykate - you seem to be on CC 24/7! haha you've been answering almost every question i ask on this forum thanks :)</p>

<p>Bahaha, I work in an office cubicle a few days out of the week and so I end up browsing CC/my email/facebook a lot of the time. I am well aware I'm a creepy stalker >_></p>

<p>I think all of my friends and myself in the college of engineering took four courses each semester our freshman year plus Computer Skills Workshop and maybe a seminar class or something. Basically our schedule was physics, math, intro engineering class, and a liberal arts class.</p>

<p>i cant seem to get on the website to register for classes... it just says "Sorry we cant find the pg your looking for" and i also never got any info about placement tests....</p>

<p>nvm, that was a dumb question. i got it :]</p>