How many courses do you take per semester?

<p>I was just wondering, how many courses do you take per semester?</p>

<p>Five, on average. The usual class is worth about three credit hours.</p>

Math (2 hours)

<p>This semester and next I'm taking six classes, for 16 or 17 credits.</p>

<p>5 this semester (16 credits)
4 for the spring (14 credits <-- learned from my mistake)</p>

<p>my way what was your mistake?</p>

<p>It depends on how many classes you want to take. I was feeling pretty good at around 15 units, that was a good number that kept me busy without breaking me. Right now I'm taking 22 units, which is overwhelming. I'm doing 21 next semester and I don't think it will be much better, but after that I should be able to slow down a little.</p>

<p>woah 15 courses? dang</p>

<p>Sorry I read that wrong, 15 units is like taking 5 courses.</p>

<p>oh I was about to say... Well I do know a person who took 18 courses during one semester.</p>

<p>I'm taking 18 in my first semester, which is the most you can take at my school without petitioning the Dean of Students (Calc - 4, Nationalism in the Balkans - 4, Chem -3 , Chem Lab - 1, Spanish - 3, Private Lessons on 2 intruments -2, Band - 1). Next semester I might be taking 19. They allow 20 at the very maximum.</p>

<p>About how many hours daily of homework/studying is required for the average 4 courses.</p>

<p>19 units at the moment. That's about 5 classes, but one of them is pretty easy pass/not pass. I'm planning to hover over 16 units for the rest of my college career. So far so good. Go double major.</p>


<p>Three this quarter (we're not on the semester system)--all Pass/Fail.</p>