how many decimal places for GPA?

<p>on the self-reporting section, how many decimal places should you go to report GPA? for example, i have a 3.86, so should i just write that or should i round it up to 3.9? i know it's no big deal, but i was just wondering.</p>

<p>I'm rounding to the hundredths place. It's how my school reports GPA on the official transcript. ...And just a personal thing because 3.94 looks better than 3.8 :)</p>

<p>Not sure if there's a "standard", but I'd go with however your school reports GPA on your transcript.</p>

<p>Definitely go with how your school GPA reports it. The adcoms will decide if they'll see your 3.86 as a 3.9 or not.</p>