How many hours a day do you study?

<p>just wondering, please include your class schedule also :)</p>


<p>Close to zero... I'm taking 4 AP classes. But I'm a senior with 11 days of school left so yeah.</p>

<li>School got out yesterday :P</li>

<p>I don't study. </p>

<p>MYP Alg 2/Trig(Full Semester of Trig, Trig proofs, logs, rationals, easy stuff for people on CC.)
MYP Chemistry(Not real chemistry)
MYP Spanish III(Weak)
MYP English 10(BS class)
AP Comp Gov(BS Class)
HPE II - Self-explanatory
MYP Computer Science(Difficult for some, I just know comp sci well)</p>

<p>i don't study</p>

<p>I cram 5 minutes in the class before.</p>

<p>Ehh. An hour a day?
6 APs.</p>

<p>To all the students with 3.9-4.0 unweighted how much do you actually study? Do you study 8 hours a day to get a 4.0 or are you just naturally gifted that doesn't have to put too much effort in high school?</p>

<p>^ By studying do you mean doing any school work or actual reviewing for tests/quizzes? If you're talking about the latter, I'd assume that most people with 4.0s don't spend that much time studying.</p>

<p>Most of the time if you pay attention in classes and do homework you don't have to do a lot of studying.</p>

<p>^^ Two words.
Cal Newport. </p>

<p>Lazy studying, ftw.</p>

<p>Sometimes I do homework.... I can't see that there's much value in spending more than a few minutes reviewing before a test outside of that.</p>

<p>^^ woot for lazy studying.</p>

<p>Edit: It's summer, so I don't study that much except for personal interest.</p>

<p>I'm talking about both time spent on homework assignments/projects and studying.</p>

<p>My school's pretty intense. even kids without 4.0s (me and maybe 3 others) are commonly up til one or two doing work. I'd say I do an average of 2.5 hours of studying/hw a night, sometimes more, sometimes less. These last few weeks it has been more like solid work from 4:45 til 9:30 with like 25 mins for dinner. I also have free periods (1.5) that I take full advantage of but still have tons of work. In addition to my school just being flat-out rigorous, it seems that all of teachers think it's alright to assign loads of hw because they don't realize we have other classes. </p>

<p>Okay. I'm almost done ranting. All I have left is finals, of which there are only 3 (even though exams at our school are really hard). AP Chem doesn't have an exam and the English "exam" (vocab only) is only worth 20%. We had 2 papers due that make up the other 80%. I can;t wait to be a third trimester senior with no classes because my APs are over. Ah, it will be nice.</p>

<p>I just did a quick Amazon search on Newport. Which of the books do you recommend? Lazy studying sounds very,very nice. I procrastinate a lot and end up at 10 PM usually</p>

<p>Little to none. I honestly don't see the point of studying unless I'm completely clueless about a subject. And if that was the case, I would probably just go to the teacher after-school or something.</p>

I have "How to Become a Straight-A student," it's my personal grade savior.
I would suggest that one.</p>

<p>He also has a lot of good free tips at
I check that regularly</p>

<p>when i studied (I'm graduating now), I would study .3 hours at the most each day.</p>

<p>me lucky to scrape a 3.8. . .</p>

<p>if you count school, then 16 hours? i have SATs next week anyway</p>