How many Indian students apply to harvard

Does anyone know how many indian students apply to Harvard college every year

Harvard does. But they’re not telling. There are 21 undergrad at Harvard so about 5 per year. My guess is they get about 250 applications to get those 5.

Thank you

American/Native Indian? International students from the Asian subcontinent? Students of Asian Indian descent?

I went with option 2 based on OPs post - since deleted - citing international student speaking Hindi and Tamil.

I’d read somewhere that they got over 1,000 applications from the Indian subcontinent but i dont remember the source and thus can’t vouch whether it’s reliable. However 250 would seem very low considering how many academically inclined families there are, with the Ivy league as a goal.
The basic point @uma1969 is that your odds are very very low, especially if you’re a “typical” Indian applicant (high stats, stem focused, upper middle class) since the competition is even harder for that group.

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@MYOS1634 though the odds are very very low, there are kids who get into Harvard from India, there’s a kid from my school who got into princeton. My point is:there is a chance that I might get in, and I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t try. In addition I write great essays. Most of the students who apply to universities outside either don’t have great extracurriculars or essay writing skills and they end up listing their academic achievements in their personal statements.

Your odds are very low, but if you’re going to apply anyway, then the number of others who apply doesn’t matter, right? Please understand that it’s a combination of of everything that gets kids in. A great essay won’t hurt, but you need show them how you will add to Harvard’s campus. You need to show them that you provide what they are looking for.

There’s another post somewhere on CC saying that Harvard doesn’t want to admit just the smartest people. They want to admit the people who are going to be on the cover of Newsweek magazine. If you could be one of those people, you need to show them why.

Likely you read it on this site:

But I have to point out that as knowledgeable as @gibby is about Harvard, he has as much insider info with admissions as I do - which is none. Bottom line, it’s a lot and acceptance rates for Indian applicants are slim. Not to discourage the OP from applying, but s/he needs to know the reality.

@uma1969 : definitely apply but also apply to universities that aren’t on all top Indian students’ lists and be cautious in being too invested since odds are against you. Good luck!

@skieurope : ??

I happen to be from the lower middle class, like, we could just move from a suburb to a city in hopes of making our lives better. I did not so much as know what competitive exams were till grade 9, and in grade 11, I’m gradually beginning to get acquainted with US College Admissions, SATs, TOEFLs, and such other stuff. Also, the cost of taking multiple SATs and APs is going to be a major financial burden for us.
So, I was just asking if my lack of opportunities will be considered by Admissions Officers if I provide great LORs and SOPs, national level acknowledgement in whatever pan-India competitions I have participated in so far and a great high school transcript (the school is not that well reputed though).