How many of you go straight to the questions on Science?

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>I was wondering how many of you actually skip the passage and go straight to the questions on the science question and actually got a good score (i.e: 32+)?</p>


<p>I do. 10char</p>

<p>I do. Judging from our consildated answer list and what I can remember, I'm looking at a 36 for science from the June test.</p>

<p>I skim throught the passages, underline key words, then skim through the graphs for about 10 seconds then go to the questions. Had enough time to still check my answers and looking through the consildated list, I missed -1 but I'm not sure.</p>

<p>I also just go straight to the questions; I can generally get most (if not all) of the answers I need just by going to the graphs/questions without referencing the introductory material.</p>

<p>I go straight to the questions. It allows you to know what you are looking for.</p>

<p>I go straight to the questions and usually have 3-4 mins left at the end.</p>

<p>I used to go to through the passage first and then answer the questions (and as a result I scored a 30 by missing 4 questions), but on my most recent ACT I decided to go straight to the questions. I can't judge what I'll get right now, but I'm predicting a 35.</p>

<p>I go straight to the questions. First timer predicting a 32. Seems effective.</p>

<p>I also go straight to the questions. First timer, predicting 1-2 wrong. 1 wrong confirmed.</p>

<p>Good results! I always read the introductory paragraphs and skimmed the graphs and then read the questions... looks like i will be re prioritizing! thanks for the feedback everyone</p>

<p>I read everything first, then looked at/answered the questions.</p>

<p>I skip to the questions, then refer back to the graphs/tables etc. for the information I need to answer them. I got a 36.</p>

<p>basically i do</p>