How many of you under 18 have got a job?

<p>How many of you under 18 have got a job?
How did you get the job?
What was your starting wage?</p>

<p>I've had three different jobs since I was 15.</p>

<p>1) Ice Cream Shop
- Age 15
- My mom was friends with the owner.
- $8/hr</p>

<p>2) Library
- Age 16
- Applied for the position.
- Minimum wage</p>

<p>3) Retail
- Age 17
- Got recruited while shopping in the store to apply
- Minimum wage</p>

<p>I had a job last summer. I don't this year because of family issues, which is probably a good thing. I worked facility maintenance at an automatic driving range for $7.75 and hour, which was a terrible experience. It was all outdoor manual labor in the Texas summer heat (100+ degrees almost every day), and a 40 minute commute. I think I got the job because my dad's friend owned the place. </p>

<p>The only good thing about working there was that it was often just me and some 15 year old goddess running the place. For being an employee, I got free golf balls, but I don't golf, so...</p>

<p>I got my first job (and only job I've ever had) at age 16. Retail, minimum wage+some very minor commissions (might have added up to ~$.75 above minimum wage).</p>

<p>Job was good at first, management changed, new management sucked. Overall it was a good experience.</p>

<p>I don't know if any of my jobs count as true "jobs"</p>

<p>Age 13-16
Pool Attendant
(summer job)</p>

<p>Age 16
Photojournalist for IT Career Camps
(summer job)</p>

<p>if you earn money then its a job but how did you earn it though>?
Most jobs nowadays only hire people over 18 though
Pioneer Jones, what part of texas?</p>

<p>I had a job as a janitor at my school. minimum wage</p>

<p>i work as a lifeguard to screaming middle schoolers usually only one day a week for minimum's like a 12 hour shift tho
i've been modeling for about a year but the $ ranges substantially..just depends on how much work sometimes for maybe 250/hr or up in the thousands for a whole shoot. it just depends</p>



<p>North Houston. I live in the Woodlands, but worked in Spring.</p>

<li><p>Snackbar/Scorekeeping for little league and pony games</p>

<li>I did this from 14-16</li>
<li>I knew the lady who was treasurer of the league</li>
<li>15 bucks a game (1 hr, 45 minutes) or 20 (2 hr, 30 minutes)</li>
<li><p>Finance Department intern</p>

<li>Program offered by my city to get "at risk" youth off the street.</li>
<li>Surprised I got the job since I wasn't at risk and had over a 4.0</li>
<li><p>Accounting/Operations intern</p>

<li>18 and 19</li>
<li>Got the job really because my dad worked for the company, he had ALS and could no longer drive but they needed him to help train his replacements, so instead of just having me drive him 45 minutes (one way), I got a job - but since they loved me so much, I get to do it again this summer.</li>
<li>12/hr. Hopefully this summer I can play it off as a consulting fee rather than as a wage.</li>

<p>1) Intern/Teacher for Middle school students, Latin I and 7th grade Biology,
-Age 16 (Summer internship)
-Extensive application (essays, references, lesson plans, etc.), personal interview, and mock teaching interview
-$1400 stipend for 8 weeks, about 40 hours not including outside activities (writing lesson plans, prepping for field trips, etc.)</p>

<li>Tutor for school-based program
-Age 16.5-17 (year and a half/3 semesters)
-Selected by alumni foundation, counselors, and teachers
-$15/hr, two hours/week</li>

<p>Ice Cream Shop:
Got paid minimum wage to make and serve angry, horribly rude people ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, waffle cones, cakes, and other various frozen treats.
I got the job because I applied there, then they called me.</p>

<p>Summer Camp Counselor:
Got paid a ridiculous low amount (I think below minimum wage) to take care of screaming children in the hot sun 5x a week, 8-9 hours a day.
I was a camper there for many years, so they offered me the job when I was of age to work there.
Did it for the past 4 years in a row. This is the first year I'm not, and I can't say I'll miss it too much.</p>

<p>Maybe I should turn my attention to the retail industry next...</p>

I do some freelance coding every once in a while. It pays well.


Oh snap. That's incredible...May I ask what you do exactly?</p>

<p>Barnes & Nobles Bookstore:
I'm a sales worker. I get $11 per hour. Hellllllllla love my job. I swim in books! What more do you want?!</p>

<p>I've worked at a local bookstore, I'm a waitress at a fancy restaurant, and a babysitter!
Bookstore: $8/hr
Waitress: $10/hr + AMAZING tips. It isn't uncommon for me to earn $300 in a couple of hours.
Babysitting: About $15/hr depending on the kid's age.</p>

<p> you guys drive to work, or get dropped off, get rides with other people, etc.?</p>

<p>^Bus and rides, I still don't have a car</p>

<p>Anyway...god this is gonna take some time</p>

<p>1st job Good Samaritan Center (freshman in high school, I still go here and I'm still employed)
-6something/hour for only 5 hours a week and the rest of my work was written down as voluntary. My week paychecks would be $36, but we'd sometimes get random stipends for helping in activities so I'd sometimes get anywhere between an extra $20 or $80. Summer pay was around $120.</p>

<p>2nd and 3rd Waitress at Henrys' Puffy Tacos and Golden Star, respectively (15-16)
waitressing sucks, people can be jack asses big time and this mexican restaurant (HPT) happened to get a lot of white people who couldn't order right and would get ****y. Golden Star was a lot cooler and had regulars. Tips were pretty awesome though, took home an extra $40-80 a day and I'd usually deposit my money so my bank filled up, the pay was minimum wage (kinda lucky considering waitresses are usually paid less, well, actually I think the standard min. wage went up so maybe they were going under). HPT was during the summer and GS was during school.</p>

<p>4th job, COMIC BOOK STORE called Heroes and Fantasies. (17)</p>

<p>8.50/hour and my hours were awesomely flexible. Was a summer job while I was also taking a summer class so I used my hours as best as possible. And this work was so easy, I'd just sit around, stand when it was busy (6 customers were walking around) and help out. Basically I just read comics all the time.</p>

<p>and soon I'll be starting downtown in the court houses and the pay is great and the hours are awesome</p>

<p>dang lucky star you are super lucky!
But I wonder how you guys can get so many jobs because most of the jobs now are requiring you to be older than 18. Guess that was the network connection you got?</p>

<p>1st job- Worked at a local pet shop 14-now (16 yrs old). Minimum wage. My parents knew the owner, so...
2nd job- I help a bunch of local farmers with cutting their hay- 10$ an hour. age 15-now. They asked me to help out when they were cutting my parents' own hay and I guess liked my work haha
3rd Job- Training Horses- 10$/ hour. Employed by my science teacher, just started this summer. </p>

<p>I drive myself to all of my jobs.(@ randomazn)</p>

<p>Thanks for answering the transportation question, guys.</p>

<p>And, uh, what's all the stuff with a work permit and such? :o</p>

<p>are you under 15? you're only allowed a limit of hours to work (it's like 6 a week) if you're under 16, and 14-15 I think you can do few things legally, under 15 you can only be employed by parents or something and in extreme cases of poverty, where you'd get a permit</p>

<p>like, in some cases you can get a drivers license at 14, but you have to be working in such an extreme case, like helping to support your family with a job that you got because of how poor you all are</p>