How many P/NP is too much?

<p>I've taken a total of 2 P/NP classes (no, not the 1 or 2 credit classes, but the 4 and 5 unit classes). I'm about to use a 3rd one. I just effed up on a midterm and got a 73% and the midterm is 30% of my grade. I can probably pull a B or B+, but that's uncertain to be honest. The class is just wack. I regret taking it. The midterm was a multiple choice and everything about it was just messed up.</p>

<p>For the record, it was Race and Labor M165 with Sawyer.</p>

<p>Actually, a B is probably likely, but I don't even really want a B. It wouldn't increase my GPA and it is more likely to pull down my GPA since it's a 3.0. I currently have a 3.64 and want to keep a 3.68 by the end of the year so I can graduate with cum laude latin honors. But I also want to maintain as high as a GPA as possible for law school. I know law schools are okay with a few P's here and there, but how much is too much? Hmm...</p>

<p>i heard like two or three is ok. I currently only have 1, but i might be making use of another one this quarter depending on how one of midterms turns out. I think it looks better if you take a P/NP when you're taking more units. i think that A, A-, A, B+, and Pass looks better than A, B+, pass (which is what i got last spring unfortunately; damn latin III)</p>

<p>haha im in that class. that class is wack. I stayed on normal grading and am banking on the all or nothing option. what did you do?</p>

<p>I ended up taking it normal/letter grade. Thank god for that all or nothing option. Was not expecting that.</p>