How many people can Andover enroll a year?

<p>Do they have a certain number that they cannot go over, or that they have to fill?
Or is there a limit at all?
Thanks!!!! (:</p>

<p>Every year, nearly 200 new ninth graders, or juniors, begin their journey at Andover. They are joined by an average of 85 new peers in the tenth grade, or lower year, and 20-25 new eleventh graders, or uppers. A total of 30-35 new seniors and postgraduates round out the graduating class.</p>

<p>Last year 361 students matriculated; 458 were admitted; the yield was nearly 79%.</p>

<p>Also good to remember - the 200 new ninth graders are “balanced” - roughly 100 girls/100 boys, a certain percentage of boarders versus day students, international students versus domestic students, plus a mix of students from as many different states as possible. Then, add to that a mix of ethnic and religious backgrounds, academic interests and strengths (humanities, math, science), plus other interests and talents (athletes, musicians, debaters) and you end up with a really diverse and vibrant community.</p>

<p>There's definitely a limit on the number of students-- as there is at all BS's. BS's have only so many dorm rooms.</p>