How many people from your high school class went to...?

<p>How much of your high school class went to private/public/CCs/other schools?</p>

<p>We just got the list of where everyone is going; I calculated out the %s.</p>

<p>142 students
43% to a private university (61 students, 33 schools)
50% to a public university (71 students, 26 schools)
2.1% to community college (3 students, 1 school)
0.7% military schools (1 student, 1 school)
1.4% other schools (2 students, 2 schools)
0.7% undecided (1 student)
0.7% other (sports) (1 student)
1.4% back to Europe (2 exchange students)</p>

<p>Honestly I don't care about anyone from high school or where they are now. Take that back...there's a few people I'm hoping fail at life so I'm watching their linkedin profiles.</p>

<p>Around 450 students
UC Campuses 32.7%
California Private Colleges 16.5%
CA Two year Colleges 13.7%
California State University 7.8%
West Colleges 7.4%
Mid-Atlantic Colleges 6%
New England Region 5.3%
Midwest Colleges 4.8%
South Colleges 2.7%
International Colleges 2.1%
Career Colleges/Gap years 1%</p>

<p>I have no such list, though I can tell you that "Community College" and "No College" would be much larger on one for my school.</p>

<p>110 students in my grade, not a single one went to my school
Two from the grade below me did and three from the grade below them went.</p>

<p>e: each grade was around 100 students give or take ten</p>

<p>Don't know what the split for public/private was but 0% for CC and 0% for no school.</p>

<p>Class Of 2009 - Belmont High School, Belmont, MA (Public school of 1,162 students, around 300 per graduating class)</p>

<p>Enrollment numbers:
Harvard - 4
Yale - 1
UPenn - 1
MIT - 3
Duke - 2
Wellesley - 2
Carleton - 1
Haverford - 2
University Of Massachusetts - Amherst - 17</p>

<p>I remember seeing our report but can't find it right now, but it was something along the lines of...</p>

<p>graduating class: 300</p>

<p>85% go to college
35% CC
and about an even split with the remaining 50% between public/private</p>

<p>I don't think my school took statistics on it. My guess would be that it's approximately:</p>

<p>50% public university (About 30% to UMich, 20% to MSU, 25% EMU, 20% to other Michigan schools 5% to out-of-state public schools)
10% private college/university (Almost all more selective or about as selective as UMich)
35% community college (part or full-time)
5% go do something weird</p>

<p>Graduating class was something like 750 or 760, but it's smaller now.</p>

<p>No list. Many people went to community college. LOTS of people didn't go to college at all. One went to MIT (I think? I don't know/care that much) and that was like a big deal. The most popular option was USF which was in our same town. Most people went there or to a Florida public university. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person to ever go to UW-Madison in my guidance counselors actually tried to steer me away from going there because they get bonuses if you go to a Florida school.</p>

<p>Many students from my hs are going to CC or jumping into the workforce... There are a few taking a gap year and very few going to really prestigious schools (Harvard, etc). The majority are staying in Virginia - A few kids at UVA, but most are going to kind of lower-middle-tier schools that most locals have vaguely heard of.</p>

<p>Our only list was in our school newspaper, but not very many people submitted where they're going. </p>

<p>Rough estimates (class of 475):</p>

<p>Private: 15
UC: 20
CSU (besides Chico State): 20
Chico State: 15
Community College: 350</p>

5% go do something weird


Working = something weird?</p>

<p>If we're also stating this by state or region, this would be my class:
Colleges (including private, public, and CCs in this list) Locations: (every 0.7% of the class = 1 person)
staying in Minnesota: 33%
Wisconsin: 16.9%
Iowa: 9.9%
Illinois: 4.2%
Colorado: 3.5%
Florida: 0.7%
Louisiana: 1.4%
New York: 1.4%
Alabama: 2.1%
North Dakota: 4.2%
South Dakota: 1.4%
Nebraska: 1.4%
Indiana: 2.8%
Ohio: 2.1%
Montana: 0.7%
Missouri: 1.4%
Kansas: 4.2%
Oklahoma: 0.7%
Oregon: 0.7%
Arizona: 0.7%
Maryland: 0.7%
Pennsylvania: 0.7%
California: 1.4%
Michigan: 0.7%
Europe: 1.4% (exchange students went home)
others undecided, etc.</p>

<p>This (and my previous post) is about typical for a graduating class at my HS. About 1/3 stay in MN at a college here, and the rest are scattered around with several in WI & IA and then 1 or a couple more in random other states. Also typical for about 50% private/public distribution and always 1-5 students going to a CC, typically 1-3 students into some military school, exchange students back to home, 1-3 students usually undecided, typical class size is about 140.</p>

<p>For our class of 2010, 97% went to a 4-year college or university (don't have exact distribution #s here for states or private vs. public) and 3% to a CC. A couple are always undecided at graduation time, but them sometimes figure it out later by the time this info comes out, as with 2010 class figured it out by that time, but 1 person in my class is still to see where they'll end up at this point.</p>

One went to MIT


Caltech*, and the salutatorian went to Columbia. I attend Reed, one person from my high school attends Swarthmore and the rest went to lower ranked LACs (very few), state universities (many), one at Boston University and most to community college.</p>

<p>Why does any of this matter, though? Most of us don't even have such lists available.</p>



<p>Lmao. Agreed.</p>

Working = something weird?


<p>I hadn't heard of anyone who graduated and didn't take at least 1 class at a community college or something. Someone taking even 1 class is what I'm calling "part-time" at community college. A lot of people worked, but they also took a class or two. </p>

<p>Some people go to missionary stuff or something else weird like that. That's what I was talking about when I said "do something weird."</p>

Class of 43. Like five international students? Only one is going back to her country for college.</p>

<p>Everyone is going to a four year college or university. (Other than maybe the girl going back to her college, I don't know how many years they do in her country.)</p>

<p>Clemson 5
Wofford 4
Furman 3
Elon 2
Northeastern 2
Georgia Tech 2
Converse 2
Wake Forest 2
U of Rochester 1
Rose-Hulman 1
Washington and Lee 1
Louisburg College 1
Ursinus 1
Presbyterian College 1
Stanford 1
The Citadel 1
Eastman School of Music 1
Michigan State 1
College of Charleston 1
Vanderbilt 1
Loyola 1
Davidson 1
Embry-Riddle 1
Sewanee 1</p>

<p>So that's 25% at a South Carolina public school.
48% in a South Carolina public or private school.
And 14% within a five minute drive of my high school...</p>

<p>We have a pretty good mixture, I'd say. Everything from Stanford to PC to CofC to the Citadel...</p>

<p>75% of my graduating class of my high school entered the workforce directly.</p>

<p>There were about 50 of us in my graduating class. I'm the only one, to my knowledge, who's attending a private school. One kid got into the Air Force Academy, but he's already dropped out--that means I'm also the only one attending college out of state. One student is attending UNC-CH. Another is attending NC State. Otherwise, everyone else is attending unranked colleges/universities and a huge number went workforce/community college.</p>