How many people stay during the holidays?

<p>I'm kind of worried about going back home every holiday because most universities I've applied to are kind of far, so I was just wondering if a lot of students actually end up staying at their dorms during the holidays instead of going home.</p>

<p>Depending on the holiday , the dorms are not always open for the students.
This is true of most universities. But I wouldn't worry about that. Even if you can't travel home, you will most likely make friends that will invite you to spend the holiday with them.
This will be the 2nd year that my daughter will bring a friend to spend Easter with my family that is one hour away from her school. It wouldn't make sense to bring her back home, when she just got done with spring break.
Her friends are also far from their families</p>

<p>Which holidays are the dorms not open? I don't stay myself, but I really don't think NYU dorms ever close. Many international kids, kids that work, kids that want to experience NYC without school, and others don't go home.</p>

<p>just make friends with kids that live far away, don't want to go home, or cannot afford to travel home frequently. (There are some kids that fly home every weekend.)</p>

<p>You may well be right about NYU, I was making a general statement with college dorms in general..
A lot of my kids friends have brought home international students or students from the west coast during holiday breaks...none from NYU though. My point was just to not worry about being stuck with no place to go.</p>

<p>A lot of kids stay. NYU dorms are always open and it lots of students' friends like to visit in the city as well. Dining halls aren't open but it's not hard to find places to eat in nyc ;)</p>

<p>For christmas break, nearly everyone goes home. For the other breaks, it depends how far away you live. some kids stay, others leave. Do whatever you want, no one cares.</p>

<p>The NYU dining halls close, but NYU dorms are always open.</p>

<p>o.k. good, because i can't afford to fly back and forth</p>

<p>As long as you have $$ to eat, you will be fine. You could work extra hours (my son only came home for a week of xmas break). And there is plenty to do in NYC to keep you busy.</p>

<p>It's currently spring break, and there are not a lot of people here at all. And yeah I would say almost everyone goes home for winter break, even the international kids. I've heard that it isn't that great to stay here for winter break because apparently the internet went out for a bit, but yeah spring break isn't that bad--it's just kind of empty.</p>

<p>yeah but it's better than other schools that kick you out. at least you have options. i have friends at BU who say that they put kids in hotels if they don't go home (the dorms aren't open)... i'd say it's better to have the option, especially for thanksgiving when a lot of people are here ..</p>

<p>Dorms are free and open for all breaks during the school year. I stayed for most breaks and didn't have any problems with facilities or anything like that. It's actually pretty cool to be in the city around the holidays since it really empties out.</p>