How many points can I still get on an APUSH FRQ if I don't finish?

Say I write a good opening paragraph, and write two of my three body paragraphs, and don’t have time for my final body paragraph or my concluding paragraph. How many points can I still get?</p>

I’m really worried about the time constraints for the test.</p>

<p>depends on how well your paragraphs are. if you have enough information & answer the question & do what they ask you to, chances are you can still get a 5 or 6. also, if your thesis is good, that can improve your chances of a better score. but if you feel that you don’t have enough time, just try & finish your paragraph, and then conclude. they really look for a concluding paragraph where you bring all of your essay together & just regurgitate the thesis in different words. hope that helps!</p>