How many points did you get

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<p>Based on the UCD points system how many points did you get? Maybe we can figure out the cutoff.</p>

<p>I got 8595, which is really below average except my essays were pretty good I think. My friend said they made her cry.</p>

<p>The essay may be a work of art, but it is read only to look for factors that are included in the point calculations, nothing more. </p>

<p>Some of the points are obvious to assign to yourself, but others depend upon the rubric and interpretation of the people reading your application. It is the reason I can't definitively tell you the points score under which I was admitted. I had two leadership posts but neither was President of a club. I don't know if that was scored as 0, 250, 500 or some other value out of the maximum of 500 for that category. I believe I received the full 500 points for special achievement/talent, but can't be sure.</p>

<p>Therefore, my guess is that my points were in the range of just under 8000 to the maximum of 8497. For an English major, that garnered an acceptance.
Other schools and majors would have their own cutoff which may be higher or lower.</p>

<p>The effect of the other categories makes a big difference, as UCDAdmissions has said. For example, the 500 points for special talent/achievement is the equivalent of boosting the UC GPA by .5 which would treat my 3.58 as equal to a 4.08 that did not have the talent/achievement. The leadership points could have raised my GPA by another .5 to the max value. Since I had 48 a-g courses total, I received 650 points. </p>

<p>With all those points (500 + 500 + 650) it would be the equivalent of a 4.5 UC GPA plus perfect 2400 on the SAT I plus moving one of my SAT IIs to almost 800. In other words, the special factors can really distort the view if you look only at 'stats'. </p>

<p>Other categories each can boost your effective stats. Special challenges, disabilities, first to go to college, veteran, homeschooled, low income, ELC, special academic prep program, and coming from an underperforming school are the other categories. Together these non-stat categories can yield 5750 points against the 8500 that come with perfect stats. Since a person hitting the UC minimums with a 3.0 GPA and 1400/2400 plus two 470s on SAT IIs would have gotten 5340 points and the max is only 8500 points for perfect stats, then the other categories are worth twice the span from minimum to perfects stats. A big, big factor that really distorts a CC analysis by 'stats'.</p>

<p>i got 8700-9000 ish.. not sure on some..</p>

<p>does total a-g courses count senior yr?</p>

<p>GE/888, those should be really above average pt totals</p>

<p>yes they do</p>

<p>lawl Thomas</p>

<p>yea senior a-g count.. pretty sure</p>

<p>9000 noobs</p>


<p>Mine is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!</p>

<p>would u guys mind posting ur stats? or at least the major part of ur calculations? </p>

<p>and would someone be safe if their total is only 7k-8k?</p>

<p>sports1kh UCD admissions decisions are out (except for a few cases) Did you check your admissions portal yet?</p>

<p>sry, i'm not applying this yr, i should have said that earlier lol</p>

<p>Oh ok, I was confused....:)</p>

<p>it's so complicated, I think I got 8600 points. I got accepted.</p>

<p>I think I have around 7820, but I'm not sure.</p>

<p>Edit: I got accepted.</p>

<p>Can someone please tell me how you made these calculations?</p>

<p>Add them? lol</p>

<p>If you apply to a category then you get the points. For example, are you EOP? yes or no. if yes add 500 in addition to your GPA and SATs scores.</p>


<p>I don't think it works that simply. UCSD has a similar system and they have published their rubric for awarding points. The EOP points would be awarded in parts based on how sustained a participation. One year would not garner full points.</p>

<p>Similarly, categories like leadership are undoubtedly more fine grained -- so that a single club presidency may not earn full points, but student body president or multiple club leadership roles might. </p>

<p>That is the basic problem in self-assessing. We don't know how our situation is evaluated by the reader at UCD, even assuming that they have a very detailed guide to the criteria for point assignments, since they don't make that information public. </p>

<p>It is human nature to look at the categories and give ourselves maximum points for any that we believe apply to us, even those where the justification is weak. It is a lot like the CC self-assessment of the essays -- everyone believes their essays rocked, making grown men cry, but common sense says they can't all be the best.</p>

<p>the thing i don't understand is that if u put the averages for UCD accepted students (w/ no other socioeconomic issues) into the formula, u don't get that many pts</p>

<p>so looking at these 8K, 9K totals worries me a bit lol</p>