how many rec letters?

<p>to all who applied to cornell, (and especially to those who've been accepted) how many rec letters did you guys send? </p>

<p>is it ok to send 1 from a teacher, 1 from guidance counselor, 1 from work manager, 1 from swim team coach, and 1 from volunteer place ( = 5 total) or would that be too much??</p>

<p>btw i'm currently a junior.</p>

<p>too much.
my counselor told me a max of 4, after a while they would get annoyed i guess.
i was accepted and sent 3, 2 from two teachers, and one from the food pantry where i volunteer.
you should ask your guidance counselor, maybe 5 is ok.</p>

<p>I would send 2, 3 max: one from an english or history teacher and one from a a math or science (Cornell might actually require those two). If you want to send a third, have it be someone that says something completely different about you than the first two, i.e. a coach, volunteer coordinator, a professional in your particular field of interest, etc.</p>

<p>Sending only one from an academic teacher is probably not putting the odds in your favor.</p>

<p>Also, your counselor rec doesn't really count as a "rec" as far as I know. On the StatusCheck website, there are two spots for recs, and I'm pretty sure they are reserved for your two academic teachers.</p>

<p>i sent in only 2, science and english, and i have some serious doubts about one of them. when i asked if he had sent it he dug it out of a file and those checks were all over the place.........i wanted to say.........on second thought, i won't be needing that recomendation.</p>

<p>do we NEED 2 from teachers, or could we have just 1? i've had the same history, chemistry, and math teachers for the past 2 years...and i only feel confident asking for a good one from my math teacher... unless i ask my spanish teacher, but do people usually ask foreign language teachers for rec letters?</p>

<p>isn't the application considered incomplete if you don't have 2 rec letters? (idk)
interruptingcow: it's fine to do one from your spanish teacher. math+spanish...shows that you're well-rounded</p>

<p>haha, my recs were my teacher from calculus and my teacher from bio. both math & science ... i got a likely letter though; i don't think it hurt my chances too much.</p>

<p>the more the merrier</p>

<p>"the more the merrier"</p>

<p>sure, up to a certain point.
won't they be tired of reading your rec letters after the 3rd one?
i heard of someone sending in about 22 rec letters (i have no idea how) and he got rejected of course.</p>

<p>ooh, i say...go for quality over quantity</p>

<p>2 .</p>

<p>22 rec letters? Wow........
I would say 3 is custom. 2 from teachers and 1 from counselor. But if u have some1 who has something completely different to say about u, like you cured AIDS or something, then i guess it wouldnt hurt.</p>

<p>yeah...I know CALS adcom folks aren't too happy if you send more than 3 letters. Like others said....go for quality over quantity. If you MUST have more, only ask from those who will strengthen your application.</p>

<p>i submitted....1 extra recommendation. yet when i was deferred i was told to basically beg for i sent 5 extra letters. i was accepted so i guess it didnt hurt.....</p>

<p>i would send in the counselor one and two teacher ones. if you can, send in one from an outside source (i.e.- internship/volunteer coordinator). I was deferred from WashU (another pretty selective school) and decided to send them 6 more letters. i ended up getting in. i guess my advice is send about 3-4 and if you get deferred ED then send more.</p>