How many recommendation letters are we allowed to submit?

<p>We have 2 recommendation letters(+evaluations) from teachers, and one from counselor.
What about employer's recommendation and recommendation from school club moderators?
Stanford's website says one additional recommendation is allowed. But I know a guy who got in last year who had 3 more letters, along with the 3 compulsory ones.
I am very confused..:S</p>

<p>My S sent in three. We lived by the rules. Stanford seemed pretty strict about those things so we decided not to "buck the system". I, too, noticed that others did send more and even sent in DvDs etc etc etc. All I know is that the recommendations we had we thought were very good and he got in by playing by the rules.</p>

<p>Personally I would work with in the boundaries they establish. If you have more recommendations that needed then send in which ever ones you believe will best respresent you. Good luck!</p>

<p>I'm agreeing with Dungareedoll -- make sure that the recs also reveal different aspects of you and are not just repeating the same info stated in other ones. </p>

<p>I think the "max" number of recommendations/letters you can send while staying within the boundaries is 5: 2 from your teachers, 1 from your counselor, 1 from your teacher for the arts supplement (if you're submitting one), and then the 1 optional/extra one.</p>

<p>After reading that it is "pretty standard among selective institutions" to "like to hear from a math/science as well as a humanities/social science teacher" in recommendation letters on a UChicago blog, I have some questions.
1. I have good personal relationships with all 3 of my teachers who are writing letters for me. I'm also involved in the math club, which my math teacher heads, and the swim team, which my English teacher heads. My math teacher taught me in Trigonometry / Analytic Geometry (freshman year) and BC Calculus junior year. My physics teacher taught me in AP C Physics junior year. In all 3 of the math/science classes, I was with mostly students a year older than me, and I did very well in those classes. My English teacher taught me Film Lit (semester elective) junior year and is currently teaching me in English Masters Honors senior year. I've done reasonably well in both of these classes 2 (A's, but not that solidly and with a good deal of effort in English H). Should I submit 2 or 3 letters in this case?</p>

<li>Would you say the UChicago blogger is actually accurate here?</li>

<p>Can I submit a supplemental letter of recommendation from my research mentor by mail?</p>

<p>i agree with dungareedoll. live by the rules, dont buck the system! stanford asks for 1 rec fr counselor & 2 fr teachers. that's it! stanford feels strongly that their application requirements are good enough for them to make a decision. fill up the form with sufficient info, submit all the requirements, meet the deadline. if stanford finds you qualified and a good fit, then you're in. even the other 'elite' schools my son was accepted at, he never submitted anything more than what was asked for. follow the rules.</p>

<p>year after year, all the students who got into stanford fr my son's hs never submitted anything beyond what stanford requires, also bec their hs is very strict in just providing what was asked for, nothing more.</p>