How many recs???

<p>Um, maybe I haven't read everything thoroughly, but the common app has two teacher recs, and the yale supplement has one. Does this mean that yale only wants one? or can you opt to have two or one? or is it possible that they want 3 (im guessing not)??? argh, sort of confusing, unless I overlooked some fine print or something</p>

<p>I only saw two in the Yale app...</p>

<p>wait, woops, i mean not including the counselor rec</p>

<p>there are 2 teacher recs and a counselor rec</p>

<p>wait, are there? i noticed my error. at the yale site it gives u ONE of the common app forms to download, the main one. but i had gotten mine from, where i also downloaded the teacher rec/school report one. That is where two of the recs I thought were questionable were. However, in the yale supplement, there is 1 teacher rec and 1 guidance, so i think thats it, unless theres another one i cant find</p>